Gwent is getting a new update

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

17 Nov 2020

Gwent The Witcher Card game is getting a new expansion. Way of the Witcher will bring new cards to the expansion, including more Witchers and monsters. The Way of the Witcher Expansion will arrive on December 8th for PC and Mobile devices. Today, during a developer stream we got to take a peek at the first nine cards available in this expansion which you can check out below, or through the video available above which will also explain the new Adrenaline feature to the game.

The first card shown to us is Alzur, who is available in the game as a crafting option now as an early treat to players. Following Alzur will be our first Nilfgaard card, The Witcher Kolgrim from the school of Viper. Along with Kolgrim, we will also see Viper Witcher as a new card for Nilfgaard. This new Viper Witcher will replace the current Viper Witcher, which has been renamed to King Slayer.

Next on the Roster of new cards is Rouge Witcher Brehen which will add a destructive ability to your deck. For Skellige, we will see the Bear Witcher Gerd who will bring Sirens to the battlefield. Along with Gerd, we will also see the addition of the Bear Witcher Mentor for Skellige, who will support your deck later in the round by buffing itself for each damaged unit.

For Northern Realms, we see Coen, the Witcher who trained Ciri in Sword Combat. Joining Coen is Roland Bleinheim, the leader of the Salamandra, who will support your gold supply when enemies and allies are poisoned. To play hand in hand with Roland will be the Salamandra Abomination, a hideous creature buffed by poison.

More cards will be shown off soon for Gwent Way of The Witcher over the coming weeks before the release of the expansion, including at the Masters event which will take place over the month of December. Are you still playing Gwent? What are your thoughts on the new cards? Let us know on our social media channels which you can find and follow below.

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