Halo 3 is getting a new map 14 years later

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

13 Feb 2021

Almost 14 years after its release Halo 3 is getting a new map, as part of the Master Chief Collection. Personally I could not be more excited to share this news with you all, as I got hit with a strong wave of nostalgia. Halo 3 was THE game for me and my friends back in upper (high) school and many hours were spent around friends with 4 Xbox 360’s hooked up to a router in killer death matches that would start as 4 teams of 4, but often led to 2vs14 games. The news of a new map for this classic Halo title that originally came from Bungie is incredibly exciting news, and has been the final bit of news needed to persuade me into trying out the legendary series on PC .

The news of Halo 3 getting a new map came as part of a Halo Waypoint community update by Unyshek earlier this week where we got to find out about Season 5, AKA Anvil, which is also dropping over 80 pieces of armour for Halo 3 and Halo reach in the largest cosmetic drop ever done for a Halo game. The new map will be included as part of 2021’s Flights for Halo Master Chief Collection, which potentially will roll out as early as February 18th. The planned releases in these flights are listed below but have the potential to change if 343 encounter any issues along the way. • Custom Game Browser: a new way to play with each other in MCC • Season 6 content • A new map for Halo 3 from Halo Online • FOV slider support for all Xbox One consoles • FOV slider will no longer be locked when Xbox Series X|S devices are set to 120hz • Double Keybindings • Mouse & Keyboard support for consoles • Advanced Audio options • View Model Customization options

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