Halo Infinite Gameplay and New Trailer

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Jordan Smith

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During today's Xbox showcase we got to see the exciting new gameplay for Halo Infinite. Both above and below you can check out the new gameplay and Cinematic trailer for 343’s 3rd instalment of the Master Chief Story. The demo from Halo Infinite gave us an insight into the capabilities of the all-new Slipspace engine which will power the game. Though Xbox had some technical issues with the stream Halo Infinite still managed to show a lot of new features in gameplay and graphics. Throughout the trailer, it became obvious that Halo is returning to its routes in design with lighter tones to Master Chief’s armour and the game's level design. With the gameplay, we got to see an array of classic weapons such as the assault rifle and covenant Carbine, along with what look to be new weapons including a new style of shotgun. Another new Gameplay addition to Halo Infinite is a brand new grappling hook, that will allow Master Chief to negotiate difficult terrain and dominate the battlefield. Chief can use this hook in many ways as the new trailer features Master Chief Swinging across the map, launching environmental objects at enemies and pulling himself toward enemies for a lethal strike. If the grappling hook is featured in the online mode as well we will see a much tougher, more intense style of matchmaking.

With Halo Infinite we will see the return of the Brutes, who have been missing from the main Halo since Bungie's departure. The Brutes of Halo Infinite link in from Halo Wars 2 and the covenant faction known as the Banished, where their savage leader Atriox was attempting to seize control of the Ark. Though Atriox’s plan failed in Halo Wars 2’s main story he has now seized a Halo Ring and smashed any resistance from the UNSC. During the Demo, we join the master chief on his arrival to the Halo Ring, where the covenant is running rampant. At the end of the trailer, we see the Brute Leader challenge the Master Chief to “Fight hard, Die well”.Could this challenge be foreshadowing for Halo Infinite’s Endgame? let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to see more highlights from the Xbox Showcase then make sure you follow 3-Bit below where we will also bring you all the latest news, reviews and more.

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