Have You Checked Out The Gameplay For Horizon Forbidden West Yet

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

28 May 2021

Late last night, we got to see 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West in an exciting new state of play from PlayStation, which was hosted by Horizon’s game director Mathijs De Jonge. You can check out the full video above for this incredible showcase. If you are trying to shield yourself from spoilers within the cutscenes, or want to be wowed by playing the game first you can check out our breakdown and first impressions from the video below, accompanied by a few screenshots.

The trailer opens with an absolutely stunning scene of the jungles, which is very quickly thrown back into the real world with what remains of a battle, where we find a man grasping at his wounds, and that is where we see Aloy. Many improvements have been made to the character models with Horizon Forbidden West. You can tell almost immediately by just how much detail has gone into Aloy’s face and clothes. The level of detail does not drop as we move away from the cutscene into the gameplay, which in its opening moments brings outstanding lighting effects as the sun breaks through the trees and into the forest floor, where Aloy sneaks around hunting raiders in the forest-covered ruins she has moved on to. The level design is absolutely stunning as the map opens up, and we are treated to our first look at the machines. You can really see the level of detail put into each and every one of them.

Moving away from how incredibly Horizon Forbidden West is looking (which you can check out for yourself in the full video at the top of this page). We also got a fresh look at some of the new and refreshed gameplay elements coming to this highly anticipated title. Our first piece of action sees Aloy fighting machines with her bow, as we have come to expect from the first Horizon title before and a selection of gadgets, including a smoke bomb. As Aloy escapes these creatures in an assassins creed esque style, we get to check out just how fluid the free-running has become, right before we take a dive into a moment of incredibleness as we hit the water, another stunning moment for lighting and graphics.

As the trailer continues throughout the submersed scene, we get another incredible graphical showcase from Forbidden west, along with a great showcase of new gameplay elements found within swimming. After this moment under the water, we are treated to another stunning cutscene, where we come across a familiar face and a lot of danger. From there, we check out how the stealth gameplay has improved with new, brutal takedowns and combo attacks. But it is not just Aloy who has the option to do that, as we witness several animated moments when the fight moves away from stealth. One such cutscene is of Aloy charging her Staff and unleashing a shockwave based attack, which in turn allowed her to make a deadly combo against a more formidable opponent.

As Aloy continues to explore, we got to check out some incredible traversal methods, ranging from a grappling hook to a hand glider, which really brought a ‘Breathe of the Wild’ vibe to the moment as Aloy descended onto a beach. Before giving us a new look at the updated riding system, which led to another exciting cutscene and the final battle of this showcase, where Aloy had to fight a giant machine with Humans riding it. When I first saw this beast, I was instantly taken back to the scene in Lord of The Rings with the elephants (Mumakil) and getting to takedown this incredible beast is another reason why I cannot wait to get hands-on with Forbidden West. During this fight, we got to check out some of the tools in her inventory, including classic items such as shock wires and some new tools, including a spear-like spike that can be thrown at enemies and exploding on impact. As the fight continues, we also see Aloy using weapons that have fallen off the enemy, using its own tools against it. The battle concludes, and we are left with a gripping stormy cutscene that really leaves us here at 3Bit wanting more from Horizon Forbidden West. Unfortunately, we still do not have a release date yet and are still left with 2021. Hopefully we will learn more at E3 later next month!

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