Have You Played The Zelda Inspired Indie Platformer Blue Fire

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Kyle Smith

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Blue Fire is a 3D platformer game, which feels very much inspired by popular Nintendo series such as The Legend of Zelda and playing this little title makes us feel like we've booted up your good old Nintendo 64s again! Although, Blue Flame does have a distinct difference to these games, giving its own unique identity and feel. In fact, the community are commonly referring to this game as a 3D Hollow Knight. So think Hollow Knight meets Zelda, before going in.

In Blue Fire you journey through a desolated land called Penumbra, a land full of secrets which require you to jump, fight, climb and explore to uncover them. Although, you will need to progress through this game to unlock skills, which will enable you to go back and unlock secrets you might have missed. These abilities are not only there to unlock secrets though, as each skill will need to be carefully used for the complex, and masterful battle system. Each ability and each jump will need to be carefully thought out, as this title can be unforgiving, forcing you to master its deep mechanics.

In its current form Blue Fire does have a few bugs, and crashes which the developer is working hard on trying to fix, although these are never enough to put you off the game entirely. Blue Flame is available on Nintendo Switch and PC for £15.49 now. Be sure to check out the screenshots below and the trailer above!

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