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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

15 Mar 2021

This weekend we here at 3Bit have had the absolute pleasure of getting hands-on with Wastenauts, an all-new deck-building RPG from New York-based indie Developer Razbury Games. Wastenauts is  Razbury Games second commercial game, and we here at 3Bit are incredibly excited to let you know that the game will be coming to Kickstarter very soon! But first, we should probably answer the most important question what is Wastenauts?

Wastenauts is an all-new RPG virtual board game/ Deck Builder that will take us to a mad max-esque Nevada desert. In this harsh environment, we will find part of what remains of the Earths "normal" population, a colourful array of characters that reside in the clouds living in floating cities away from the post-apocalyptic hell that waits below. Of course, I use the term normal quite loosely as we will be joining the game's protagonist, an absolute mad lad called Lucky Jack. Who, along with his crew, loves to go diving into the literal hell on Earth to gather resources, carrying out vital quests for the colony above and, more importantly, getting into a fight with anything that looks at him the wrong way.

Wastenauts board game style of play allows for anything to happen on your journey onto Earth. Each journey starts with a shopping spree in the city, where you can try to purchase some skills for each to assist you on your journey, such as Andrea's Scout ahead ability, which will allow you to take a peek at the Location's deck before each day begins when you are down on Earth. When you land, you will be able to choose how your party moves for the day. Will people go it alone, or will they all join together, moving slower but able to strike harder? Movement is defined by taking cards from the Location's deck, which is random in every game. You could have a deck filled with enemies or even one filled to the brim with resources that will help you push toward the Boss that can strike you during your mission.

Combat in Wastenauts is played out in a turn-based style found in classic turn-based RPG's where each player and NPC has a turn to play special abilities, attack and if you are lucky, maybe even get some heals in. Players not in combat may even be able to support their buddies by using abilities at the start of the day or even during a fight. Damage is calculated by dice, the quantity of which can be determined by certain gear you may have equipped or by how low your health is, making for a very dynamic style of play that can change up halfway through combat, especially during the more intense boss fights that await you down the line.

What makes Wastenauts even more exciting is that the game features co-op gameplay, where you and your friends can all take part in the madness together! You and up to 3 friends can make the trip down to Earth to earn yourself some coin in the classic adventure mode, or you can create an adventure of your own where you can make the challenge as easy or as brutal as you please.

We at 3Bit cannot wait to see more from Wastenauts as they begin their journey into crowdfunding and hope that this incredible virtual tabletop/deck-building adventure will get fully funded so that we can continue our adventure through Nevada. If you want to get notifications for Wastenauts' Kickstarter, then you can follow the page here, or you can wishlist Watenauts on steam here.Following Wastenauts on Kickstarter will allow you to support the project the second it goes live, along with regular updates from Razbury games and whether Wastenauts reaches its funding goal and any other stretch goals that may be in place.

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