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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

2 Apr 2021

We at 3Bit love Indie Games, and one that we first saw very early into the start of our adventure into the world of gaming was a creepy Metroidvania, Grime, by Israel-based developers Clover Bite and will be published by Akupara games. It has been a long time since we reported on anything from Grime, and we thought now would be an excellent time to catch up with what is going on with this surreal Soulslike Metroidvania.

But first, what is Grime?

In case you missed our early articles for Grime, this incredible Metroidvania that will redefine that famous saying, “Stop hitting yourself!” Born from an unknown material collapse that squeezes you into existence. You, a humanoid black hole, have found yourself in a strange, nightmarish world, built of bodies of varying scale. The hauntingly surreal interconnected world sets the stage for you to explore weeping caves, face covered deserts and many other unreal locations as you break apart the anatomical world of terrors that lies ahead, finding secrets, out of this world characters and uncanny civilizations

However, exploring the world and tearing it apart can not be done empty-handed. We will need a  weapon! thankfully the world is filled with living weapons to collect, such as centipede whips and clawing swords. These weapons will especially come in handy when facing the mad anatomical creatures that lurk in the strange world ahead of you as you hack, slash and unleash devastating counter-attacks in “Death-Defying Combat” against bizarre creatures great and small.

What is New With Grime?

Grime is still in development, and the hard-working developers at Clover Bite have had lots to show recently, thanks to a developer update, where we got to check out some pre-release gameplay footage of the game as Clover Bite Director Yarden Weissbrot took us through the unformed desert. During this short gameplay reveal, we got to check out how the combat will work in Grime, where different weapons allow us to carry out various moves, and how we can use the black hole that forms our head as the ultimate shield to absorb indirect attacks and launch them back at our opponents. When I watched the combat play out during the trailer, I couldn’t help but notice how the moves all played out fluidly, like a well-choreographed dance. I hope that when we finally get to play this incredible looking indie game, we will be able to pull off such moves just as smoothly.

The visuals for Grime are also worth mentioning from the latest gameplay trailer, as the game is looking outstanding both in its 3D art style that makes this surreal world even more captivating to its character model designs that brings an extra level of wonderfully strange to each level. I was particularly captivated by the creature that downs Yarden at the end of the trailer with its extra long arms that used its eyes (or at least that’s what I assume they were) as weapons. Youn can check out Yarden’s full gameplay run at the bottom of this page, where you can see a whole range of other strangely captivating creatures that lurk inside this beautiful glimpse of gameplay.

When can I pick up my copy of Grime?

Currently, there is no release date for Grime, and the game is still holding a TBA release window on Steam. However, you can still wishlist the game on Steam right here, which will not only notify you of any changes to the release schedule but also support an incredible Indie developer as they continue to create this incredible looking title. Grime will also be coming to other undisclosed platforms, and we will learn more information about this later this year. If you want to learn more about Grime and wish to support the developers, be sure to check out their Twitter Page here and give them a follow.

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