Hawkeye announced During Latest Wartable

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Jordan Smith

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Today we saw an update from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Avengers game, which gave us 2 exciting bits of news. The biggest story from the “Wartable” is that Hawkeye will be Joining the Avenger's Roster as our first post Launch hero. The witty archer will come with his unique story missions and you will be able to play them alone or in Coop with friends and AI. The Hawkeye for the Avengers game has been based on many of the comic book stories, but primarily from the “Life as a Weapon Series”, where Clint Barton becomes the most wanted man in the world after collecting a pack of incriminating evidence for shield.

The Second update given to us focussed on the massive Beta coming to consoles and PC next month. The Beta will include over 20 missions and will allow us to try a few different heroes out, in several game modes. The Beta will include to Golden Gate Bridge Demo that has been shown off many times before, but now we will finally have our chance to play as all of the heroes in this 25-minute spectacle, finishing with a boss battle against the sinister Task Master, who will also be featured in the upcoming Black Widow movie. Along with the Golden gate mission, we will also be able to play 2 other missions from the main campaign, where Hulk and Ms Marvel will explore forests and Tundras in their pursuit of J.A.R.V.I.S and of shield secrets. With these new missions, we will also encounter another boss battle with the dreaded Abomination. Will you be able to smash the opposition?

Along with side Story missions, we will be able to play 3 new game modes, both on our own and cooperatively with friends or AI. The First mode shown to us was H.A.R.M (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) Rooms, which will bring Waves upon waves of enemies for you to take on as you hone your skills as Earths Mightiest Heros. Next, we saw Warzone. Warzones are large map games built especially for you and your friends to explore and complete objective-driven content across the map. As you explore you will find points of interest throughout the map and may even find collectables, such as classic Marvel Comics. The final game mode we were shown was Drop Zones. Drop Zones are similar to Warzone, however, they are designed to be much shorter missions, that focuses purely on the mission and not on the exploration. During all 3 of these game modes, we will be able to play as 4 of the 6 launch day heroes. The available heroes are Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Black Widow and Hulk, meaning that we will still have to wait a while longer to play as the God of Thunder.

The Beta for Avengers begins on August 7th for PlayStation users who pre-Order, followed by PC and Xbox Users who Pre-Ordered on August 14th. Then on August 21st, we will all be able to take part in the Open Beta. If you want to check out all the amazing footage from the Wartable then make sure to check out the video above, and don’t forget you can check out all the latest News, Reviews and more from 3-Bit first by following us below.

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