How Many of These Tough Star Wars Enemies Have You Defeated

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

11 Jan 2021

Star Wars is an Intellectual Property that comes with one of the biggest fan bases ever, and it has existed for an incredibly long time. As a result of this, there have been A LOT of Star Wars video games over the years, some good… some not so good. But today I want to discuss the games that came with incredible and tough enemies, that almost had us rage quitting and flinging the disk or cartridge out of the first window we could find. Be sure to let us know, how many of these advisories you have managed to vanquish in the comment sections on our social media pages.

The Jedi Knight games were already an extremely hard series of games, but one of the most difficult fights that can be experienced is in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. After protagonist, Kyle Katarn loses his best friend to being skewed on a Lightsaber by two Sith seeking the once protected ‘Valley of the Jedi’. After this event, Kyle succumbs to his hate and anger, re-opening himself to using the force to enact revenge. Enter the Bespin fight with Tavion Sith who took your friend life… FINALLY you can take revenge! If you can take it that is… Tavion is hard boss fight as she is completely unrelenting, and Kyle has not quite grasped his full abilities of wielding the force. Tavion will drown you in her arcs of lightening before unleashing an unforgiving flurry of attack with her Lightsaber. Tavion takes quite a lot of skill to be able to beat and if you leave yourself open for even one second, she is more than likely going to hurt you badly. To make things worse, Tavion seems to spam her force push ability, meaning that if you jump at the wrong time, she will fling you off the edge of the map. Oh, did I not mention that you are also on a very tight platform, meaning that one wrong move will plummet you to your death? Honestly, I’d rate her at an 8/10 on the difficulty meter. I even found her harder than the final boss, and her master Desaan!

Kazdan Paratus was from the infamous, over the top Force Unleashed title. This 4-legged junk loving insane force user, was once a respected Jedi Knight, who abandoned his colleagues when the Jedi were turned against and went into hiding on a Junk planet. As he slowly descended into madness, Kazdan tried to rebuild the Jedi Order out of Junk… literal trash, before being confronted by Vaders secret apprentice Galen Malak (aka Starkiller). The reason this boss fight sits so high on my list, is simply because of how much Kazdan is a massive pain to beat. When you fight Kazdan he goes through many stages, in which most are stages where you are unable to do much damage to him. You have to wait for the opportunities for Kazdan to go 1 on 1 with Starkiller before you can deal any significant damage, which draws the fight out to be a bit longer than expected. But that’s not the worst thing, Kazdan also can hit you (and pretty hard I might say) whilst in these stages, meaning you have to become incredibly good at dodging and using your force powers efficiently to wear down Kazdan and lure him back to battlefield.

In Shadow of the Empire, you play as Dash Rendar, a soldier in the Rebel Alliance and reliable ally to Luke, Leah and Lando. Dash on a mission to find the Bounty Hunters who captured Han Solo, become in search of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. After confronting IG88 on Ord Mantell dash gets the where abouts of Boba Fett, and sets out to finally avenge the group stolen companion. Now Boba Fett is obviously going to be a hard enemy to bring down, no doubt. He is a legend and this carries straight over to the Nintendo 64 and PC game Shadows of the Empire, which is set between Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Boba Fett in this game has a staggering amount of health, and to add insult to injury he can fly making him extremely hard to hit. Literally this whole boss fight is won on being able to hip fire a small blur of pixels that represent Boba Fett flying away from you. But as its Boba Fett, of course he comes equipped with his amazing arsenal of Rockets and Guns to bring you down. But that’s not all, nooo! Because when you bring Boba Fett down enough he jumps into his trusty Slave I ship… but to be honest this part of the fight is pretty easy as you can actually hit the ship with ease.

Taron Malicos is an ex-Jedi Master who was a Jedi General during the Clone wars. After Order 66, Taron escaped to Dathomir where he became the leader of the Nightbrothers by killing their leader at the time Viscus. To this effect Taron quickly embraced the anger in his life converting him to the Dark Side. Taron remained on Dathomir where he manipulated and moulded the Night sisters, primarily Nightsister Merrin. He convinced her that the Jedi had killed her family, leading her into a hatred against the Jedi. Taron is a tough boss because of his speed and power. This is the first boss fight in the game that forces players to merge everything they’ve learned to beat, and I believe it conditions you ready for the final boss of the game, who is arguably harder than Taron. Although, its Taron’s boss fight where the game takes a spike in its difficulty, surprising those players who had breezed through the game. Just swinging their Lightsaber, up to that point. The general way to be Taron is to watch his moves and be ready to dodge, parry and attack at the exact right moment. After a while of knocking down Taron’s HP, you will begin getting some help from a local of the planet, which makes the fight slightly easier to manage.

You can’t make a Star Wars badass enemy list without bringing up Darth Malak, the antagonist of the hit title Knights of the Old Republic. For those unfamiliar with Malak, he is a literal badass. Malak trained as a Jedi, eventually becoming a Jedi Knight and joining the Jedi during the Mandalorian Wars. Malak and his best friend Revan who was also a Jedi Knight at the time, disobeyed the Jedi Council, who issued an arrest warrant for Malaks capture. What’s amazing is, even though he had the Jedi after him, Malak joined the Republics war effort against the Mandalorian as revenge for attaching his home world when he was young and defeated them with his best friend at side. Although it was after this, that Revan and Malak encountered the Sith Emperor and became Official Sith followers. THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG for his story. If you have not played Knights of the Old Republic, I cant urge you too, more than I am now. Darth Malaks reputations is what makes this battle worthy of being on this list. Although the boss fight itself is not an easy one to get through, unless you are prepared, and the game gives you very little guidance. At first you need to travel around the outside of the arena, damaging the prisons holding back the defeated Jedi, then you have to go into a 1 vs 1 brawl against Malak. The thing is, it’s a straightforward fight from here, keep healing, using specials and bringing him down. Although, if you haven’t actually prepared for this fight, or you have very low healing equipment, you are going to need to resort to techniques that limit the amount you are hit. I would say, if you are prepared for Malaks fight, it’s an easy 4/10. If you are not then be ready for a solid 8/10 difficulty boss.

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