In Tentacle Typer Your Words Will Literally Change The World

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

28 May 2021

Tentacle Typer is a first-person text editing game, which mixes up exploration, survival and… creative writing? Playing as the Tentacle Monster you are armed with a magical mechanical typewriter. As you begin to type… whatever it is you want to write about, you’ll begin to rouse nearby artefacts and machines but be mindful, this game will be watching what you type. Depending on what you write, your spells will change in strength, with specific spells requiring specific conditions to be met. Some spells might need the purest, most optimistic mind, whilst another might need cynicism and anger to fuel its power, and it all comes down to what you write in your magical typewriter.

Game Features:

  • Write and export .TXT files with your many tentacle arms.

  • Create a galaxy one star at a time through writing. Draw power from it.

  • Find typewriter upgrades to unlock lower case letters, store eldritch energy and more.

  • Acquire mementoes that unlock new paths and possibilities.

  • Do battle with Writers Blocks, Home Row Cultists and creatures beyond comprehension.

  • Perform writing rituals to immanentize prophecies for more rewards.

  • Explore a world large enough to justify a writing powered cat train.

  • The world reacts to what you write. Write a vampire love story and watch flowers wilt and the colour drain from the world.

  • Tons of oddities and easter eggs. There’s a full grand piano you can play typing with tentacles!

  • With music tracks by musician Jordan Woerndle.

The Idea:

The solo developer of this project, Josh Leap, came up with the idea after wanting to make something that stands out from other games and offers something unique. To do this, Leap theorised that if he created a project that could help people outside of the game, then this would give his game a much better standing. So from there, the idea for Tentacle Typer was born and here we are today… waiting to type on a magic, mechanical typewriter, which can change the world from the choice of our words… oh, and you can export .txt files too!

In Summary:

We love games that do things differently and don’t just follow trends. Tentacle Typer is 100% original and is an amazing concept… so yeah, we are excited to have a go on this! In fact, we wish some of the AAA developers would have the confidence to try something as bold as this because it's always great to see a title that breaks away from trends and does something completely different. Be sure to check the game out here on steam and Wishlist it! Wishlisting games on steam supports developers in so many ways, including allowing them to have a presentable ‘stat’ to show publishers how visible their game is. It does so much more than this, so be sure to Wishlist any great indie game you come across to give the developers some support.

Also, Did you know that we have an active Discord Channel in which we have both Developers and Gamers mixed? It is a nice little community where we can all talk gaming, without judgement and genuinely have some really good conversations! Joining our community is free! No special requirements, so what are you waiting for? Click here to join! 

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