Introducing AD Wars The Indie Game Without A Genre

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Tom Ashton

Publish Date:

4 Feb 2021

AD Wars is a new and exciting multi-genre game from Indie Developer αGlitch. The games core is to be an experience which offers different styles of gameplay as you progress. But what is most impressive is that each sets of levels offers a new challenge to the player in the form of a different genre of game to play. These range from bullet storming shooters, platformers, maze crawler and even an RPGs.

Set in an "Ad-Pocalyptic" setting, Ads rule the new world, after the evil AD-Forces dominated in an all-out war which leaving behind an nothing but Ad-filled ruin. You take the reigns as Alt, the lone survivor of the AD-Wars, charged with bringing an end to the plight of Ad's. Fly, Fight and slash your way to victory to vanquish the world of the much-despised Ads.

The game is very enjoyable to play, with a deep sense of satisfaction coming after you finally overcome a particularly tense battle. AD Wars plays with its insane, topical setting and uses it as the key force of its running humor throughout. The world is full of little jokes which play on the overall goofy yet effective tones. An example of this is the creative use of “The Decision room - the place where life's toughest decisions are made” being the settings and controller selection area, this room of course, is the Toilet. You can check out more from A Glitch and Ad Wars here on their Itch.IO page or through their twitter handle @adwarsgame where you can check out all of the updates coming to Ad Wars as development continues, along with new features such as a tutorial, which has been added this week.

There are also badges to be earned whilst playing through the game, such as completing a level without being hit or collecting a certain amount of items, which leads to unlockable goodies in the game or perhaps higher difficulty levels. This adds to the overall replay ability of this title and make it a title worth checking out.

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