Introducing Crooks Like Us Your Next Chaotic Multiplayer

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

17 Feb 2021

Today we here at 3Bit are incredibly excited to introduce you to what we believe could be the next great indie multiplayer experience for PC, Crooks Like Us, which will be coming to Steam and Itch.IO this March. This zany race against time will have you and your friends wetting yourself with laughter as you try to stack as many stolen goods as possible and throw them into your van before the timer runs out. But be warned as the other team will be desperately doing the same in this epic race against the clock, where cartoon shenanigans and high-speed hijinks are your best bet of gathering and stacking all of the precious gems, statues, desks and people?!

Crooks like us comes from Northern Ireland indie developer duo Out of Tune Games. They created this fun multiplayer title from 6 prototypes in what seems like a fun process, where the two developers were given a theme and then jointly designed and developed a game prototype in Unity between April and May 2020. These prototypes were then pitched to each other and Crooks Like Us was born to a celebratory beer. However, Crooks Like Us wasn't the final choice yet as Out of Tunes games were torn between creating this insane entry to multiplayer and A Polite Exchange of Bullets, which was themed on a duel and focussed on time, where you would pose your character during a pause to get the best shot in without getting shot. When the pause timer ended, time would resume as normal, and bullets would be fired in the hope that you both hit your target and avoided the incoming shot.

We at 3Bit have had an amazing opportunity to try out Crooks Like us thanks to its free demo available now on Steam and where we have been dashing through the maps tripping each other up with ice and banana skins, or even dropping anvils or causing earthquakes to truly disrupt the other crooks in some hilarious Loony Tunes like gameplay. In Crooks Like Us, everything can be stolen, from giant lion statues to the receptionist sitting at the front desk of the jewellery store you are robbing in the demo. Out of Tune games haven't made this an easy game though where it's a simple mad dash, as they have also lined the levels with security guards who will be patrolling the level with their truncheons and if they catch you will knock you down, taking precious seconds from your thieving and toppling any stacks of stolen goods you may have.

We strongly recommend you check out Crooks Among Us which is available to demo on Steam and If you want to check out more from Out Of Tune Games and Crooks Like us be sure to check out their and Steam pages or their Twitter channel @crookslikeus where you can see all the latest updates from the duo and their incredible multiplayer game. We will have more to come from Crooks Like Us too as it draws closer to its launch in March, so be sure to like or follow our social media channels below, so you don't miss any updates from our end along with all the latest gaming news, reviews and more. Alternatively, you can join our discord, where we are setting up a few rounds of this amusing multiplayer title with the rest of our worldwide community.

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