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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

3 Feb 2021

Today at 3Bit we are incredibly excited to introduce you to Fuzz Force: Spook Squad, an all-new Deck Builder roguelike that uses dice instead of cards, coming to Steam and available now in early access. Fuzz Force: Spook Squad comes from UK based Indie Developer Fuzz Force, a sole developer with ten years in the games industry as an artist for mobile games with clients such as Lego. We got to talk to the developer of Fuzz Force: Spook Squad whilst writing this article and learned a bit more about the behind the scenes side of this fantastic indie game. Whilst talking to the game's developer Alan Igle about how Fuzz Force came about, he said: "This game came about from wanting to make a more complete game than the hyper-casual mobile games I do at my day job." This is also Alan's first game, and hopefully not the only we will see, as what we learned next from him surprised us and gave an insight into just how much effort has gone into this game in so little time. Fuzz Force: Spook Squad has been in production since late 2019. In that time Alan, who had never coded in his life not only learnt how to code, with a lot of help from his friend George, but was also able to design and create a fully functioning game that is cute, challenging and above all unique.

In Fuzz Force: Spook Squad, we join a cute animal team as they take on a dangerous mission to investigate a mysterious tower haunted by the PolterPrince and his "Petrifying" reign. To get to the dreaded PolterPrince the animals of Spook Squad must battle and capture ghosts in turn-based dice battles where chance and skill come together in perfect harmony. Playing much like a tabletop game, the Spook Squad investigates the dangerous areas in and around the Tower. As they explore your chosen spook squad member will have opportunities to upgrade and improve their dice by replacing them or adding modifiers to their dice and weapon, by finding chests or exchanging them for captured ghouls at various markets throughout the level the levels.

This week we also went hands-on with Fuzz Force: Spook Squad by playing the demo, which you can check out on Steam now. We strongly recommend you try out this incredible Roguelike Deck Builder for yourself and play through the haunted forest where you can check out the unique character and enemy designs, which bring a certain degree of innocence to the game. I love how these family friendly designs create an atmosphere that makes Fuzz Force: Spook Squad a thrilling and fun adventure even outside of Halloween. For me Fuzz Force: Spook Squad is an excellent way to introduce younger players to the world of turn-based gameplay, whilst maintaining a challenge enough for experienced players to enjoy themselves as they take on various challenges both of chance and skill.

If you end up playing and enjoying Fuzz Force: Spook Squad's Demo as much as we have here at 3Bit, then you can continue playing even more on the Early Access, which is available to download on Steam now! By playing the demo and Early Access, you will have an opportunity to get a unique skin for Finn the Fox. If you would like to know more about Fuzz Force: Spook Squad then be sure to check out and wishlist the game on Steam too, or check out their Twitter page @FuzzForce where you can get all the latest updates from the game including new character designs like Mecha Peppa who you can check out below. Be sure to stay with us at 3Bit too, as we have much more to come from Fuzz Force: Spook Squad and many other incredible indie titles, along with all the latest gaming news and announcements from all across the gaming world.

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