Introducing Hauma The Noir Interactive Graphic Novel Game

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

23 Mar 2021

Hauma is a brilliant noir style, interactive graphic novel. With its beautiful visual design and brilliantly casted voice acting, players will be cast into a story full of conspiracy and intrigue. Centred around the exploits of a former detective, Judith, she becomes fixated on an old murder investigation, bound with conspiracies within the upper echelons of society. 

The story of Hauma is brimming with unexpected history, requiring players a explore a multitude of dialogue options in which each interaction will further push the complexity of the protagonist. Explore the House of Art and other historic locations while collecting items, solving puzzles, and making your investigative deductions in the world of Hauma!

The developers define the key features of Hauma as follows: 

  • Immerse yourself within the narrative as you engage with the depths of society from Judith’s perspective.

  • Investigation mechanics, letting you piece together clues/evidence to progress.

  • Explore beautiful locations inspired by historical and mythological folklore.

  • A fully voiced, cinematic adventure featuring a charismatic cast of characters.

SenAm Games have been independently developing Hauma since 2018, in which they have worked with a huge network of different developers (freelanced) to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this project. Hauma comes to Steam/PC at some point this year, and we are incredibly excited to explore what it has to offer. Let us know what you think about the game by either jumping into our Discord channel, or on our social media channels in the comment sections below the article. 

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