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Jordan Smith

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This week at 3Bit I am very excited to introduce you to an all-new platform title coming to Steam this December Mac Biskwi’s Adventure, by French Indie Developer Digital Fox. Mac Biskwi Adventures is Digital Fox’s first-ever title and will put us into the shoes of a charming monkey called Mac Biskwi. Mac lives on Biscuit Island, which was quiet and peaceful, but that is suddenly changed when evil creatures land on the island and sow chaos. Now Mac needs to rid the island of rouge gorillas, evil cats, sinister lizards and much more to save his girlfriend and the rest of the island.

Mac Biskwi’s Adventure is a 2D platform adventure that we have been very fortunate to get hands-on with. Personally, I am loving this charming little adventure which takes me back to other great platformer games such as Donkey Kong Country, Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario. Throughout each unique level, Mac will be able to explore the environment in pursuit of Golden Tokens and biscuits as he runs jumps and fights his way to the level’s boss stage. Each level is a long journey, but fortunately for Mac he doesn’t need to do it on foot or alone, as he can take to the skies in a biplane, dash across the map on a skateboard, swing from vines, ride a rhino kitted out in American Football gear and so much more!

Mac Biskwi features cartoon-esque graphics and a family-friendly setting as our hero Mac travels across seven unique and vibrant levels ranging from a jungle filled with evil cats to a luscious feudal Japan setting. Mac Biskwi takes me back to a simpler time of gaming, where you could have fun and not feel too pressured with constant inventory updates and upgrade management as you see in some modern platformers instead, it reminds me of the fun I used to have playing games after school. However, if you feel like being challenged, Mac Biskwi Adventures offers a mode with no checkpoints, meaning that if you take a hit even at the boss stage, you will have to start right from the beginning of the level again.

Be sure to stick with us at 3Bit as we continue to bring you more from Digital Fox, and Mac Biskwi Adventures as development continues on this epic indie title that promises good fun for all ages, along with all the latest gaming news, reviews and many more indie titles coming out over 2020. If you want to see more from Mac Biskwi’s Adventures be sure to check out their steam page ( where you can wishlist the game or check them out on Facebook or Twitter by searching their handle @MacBiskwi.

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