Introducing Spacewing War a classic adventure in space

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Jordan Smith

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Today here at 3Bit we are very excited to introduce you to an all-new arcade platform shooter Spacewing War. This take on a classic genre of games that carried us through the 80s and early 90s comes to us from Spanish Indie Dev Pneuma Games, a solo dev who’s debut game puts us into the shoes of a mysterious starfighter as it strikes back in retaliation to an alien invasion. Spacewing War is a game of precision, timing and speed as you fight your way through hordes of enemy vessels and bosses in this incredible take on retro games. Spacewing War is aiming to release later this Summer, and will currently be available on

Spacewing War puts us right into the centre of an alien invasion as the Vanta-Black Race leave their polluted home, the planet Mavros in search of a new one. During their exploration for a new home, they come across Earth, and in a declaration of war set out to enslave all of humanity. In a desperate last-ditch effort, those who the Vanta-Black has not enslaved activate the legendary Spacewing, an ancient artefact of forgotten times. This fully automated ship powered by an unknown source. It is up to you to take control of the Spacewing ship and take flight to the planet Mavros to destroy the planets Core, which is the power source for the UFO’s that dominate Earth’s blue skies. As you battle through the planet Mavros you will encounter deadly storms, UFO pilot aces and treacherous bosses, scoring points for each obstacle you overcome and destroy.

We have been amazingly lucky here at 3Bit and got to try a very early build of Spacewing War, where we took to the skies in Milkshake Meadows, Stormy Sky, Invasion Islands and Cyber City. In each level I found myself replaying them over and over again, trying to do better than before, with higher scores, less lives lost and through collecting all of the coins that were scattered throughout the level. Spacewing War is incredibly replayable and if you are anything like me you will be finding that this retro-styled game is the perfect way to kick back and relax, be it for 5 minutes or 5 hours, by shooting UFOs, dodging lethal rain or even doing a spot of fishing … with your cannons. When Speaking to Pneuma Games about replayability they agreed and said “Content done well can and should be replayed, and that is something Game Boy games were great at” which was a significant influence behind Spacewing War’s design and gameplay.

Another cool feature with Spacewing War is the option to choose your colour palette, opting for simplistic designs, classic retro colours or even some incredibly vibrant colour palettes, allowing for you Spacewing Experience to be a little different and sometimes a little bit more challenging than before. We will have more to come from Spacewing War as we move closer to its planned release, so be sure to stay with us at 3Bit and also to check out the Spacewing War Twitter page @GamesPneuma, where you can check out some fantastic details on Spacewing War’s development along with some of the bosses you will fight, such as Commander Uufoo, who has the potential to run away if you do not defeat them in time, ultimately giving you zero score in your mission.

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