Introducing The Memory Restoring Narrative Puzzle Game Days Lost

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Kyle Smith

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On her birthday, Natalia, the lead character of Days Lost, decides to go on her first solo trip which unexpectedly ends in disaster. This event ultimately leads to the damaging of her memories, which is where the players come in. You will be thrown into Natalia's diary, in which you will need to help piece together her fragmented memories and re-unlock the fascinating events of Natalia's life. This journey Is a deep expedition about self-understanding, empathy and appreciating the little moments of life.

Setting itself in an indefinite lockdown, the story and style of Days Lost feels somewhat relatable to most of the world right now, which further enhances its motive. Days Lost is an opportunity to reflect and reminisce about the things that we cherish the most, which feels lost during a hard time. It’s in this concept that the game resonates and stands out among a crowd of other interactive storytelling Indie games.

Days Losts key features are:

  • An Interactive Story: Watch the events unfold as you navigate through Natalia's Diary entries, unlocking and restoring broken memories, written and designed by Farhana Khan and Akshay Jain.

  • Beautiful Visual Design: Play through this entire expedition with beautiful visuals, produced by two talented artists: 3D artist, and level designer Herman Ho, and Conceptual Designer Amala Antony.

  • A Voiced Saga: Days Lost features a brilliantly voiced narrative by Sally Beaumont,  in which players will be able to listen to the thoughts and views of lead character Natalia, as each event unfolds.

  • An Indie Masterpiece: Days Lost, not only acts to tell you its own story, but it challenges you as the player. It makes you reflect on its events and brings a level of self-awareness to the life that you are living.

The developers’ of Days Lost, Wordplay Games, is a small team of passionate developers with a story to tell. Although don’t be fooled, Days Lost may be their first game as a team, but it has had an amazing journey towards being funded and supported, securing itself the ProtoPlay Audience Award, and most impressively the Winner of Tranzfuser 2020, in which £25,000 of funding was supplied.

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