Iron Harvest is out now on Steam

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Jordan Smith

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Iron Harvest is out now on Steam! Venture into an all-new very alternative 1920s, where tradition and technology clash. Iron Harvest is an all-new RTS game that will feature Diesel Punk designs and Mechs to decimate your foes with. The game also features what we here at 3Bit anticipate to be a thrilling story that centres around 3 Waring factions, Polania our first faction is a beautiful agricultural faction, that is stuck in the middle of the two other factions. Polania want to preserve their ways and culture; however, with threats looming from both sides, they have no choice but to fight as rebels and freedom fighters. Next, we have the Rusviet, an unmatched military and industrial Juggernaught. The Rusviet have already acquired a lot of Polania and intend to keep on aggressively moving forward to take on the equally as oppressive Saxony. Saxony is our final faction for Iron Harvest, and they are undoubtedly the most influential county in all of Europe. Saxony has come a lot further in industry than the other two factions and features a lot of modern cities and technology which will overcome the competition with ease. Tradition is critical among the people of Saxony, and though their defeat in the Great War shames a lot of people, it does not mean that their pride has been destroyed yet. You can check out the jaw-dropping trailer for Iron Harvest above and be sure to let us know your first impressions of this highly anticipated RTS game on our social media pages which you can find and follow below!

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