Itch Celebrates Indies with Creators Day

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

14 May 2021

Today is Itch.IO creators day which means that developers, Artists and Musicians who distribute their work on this incredible indie platform will receive 100% of all proceeds from sales after tax! This is the first time Itch have done anything like this. We are incredibly excited to share this news along with our recommendation of games for you to check out during this fantastic day, which hopefully will not be a one-off event.

3Bit Recommends #1 Katja’s - Abyss: Tactics – Kiefer Nemeth

Katja’s Abyss: Tactics takes us to the unusual and mysterious Montmane Mountain, whereas the newest captain to the Echo Mining Corps, we will need to gather precious resources and tackle hordes of mutated monsters that stalk the caverns of the mountains. Katja’s Abyss: Tactics is an incredible pixel turn-based strategy game with minesweeper elements. The Minesweeper elements are what genuinely make Katja’s Abyss shine above other turn-based strategy games as it adds a whole new level of thinking as you balance resources, combat and the ever-present danger of volatile resources. You can pick up Katja’s Abyss on Itch.Io here, where the game is currently discounted 20% for $8.79.

3Bit Recommends #2 – Spinch – Queen Bee Games

Spinch takes us to a world filled with colour and psychedelic madness in a platformer that amazed and dazzled everybody at 3Bit as we played through the vibrant worlds of Spinch. In this epic title, we play as a rare creature known as Spinch, whose children have been taken by colourful monsters. The Spinch will need to save its children from the monsters and then use these hard-headed children as ammo against the boss at the end of the stage! Spinch features mind-blowing art by award-winning artist Jesse Jacobs and music by the awesome Thesis Sahib, who created the soundtrack on a modified Gameboy and childhood toys.  You can pick up Spinch on Itch.IO here for $14.99.

3Bit Recommends #3 – Resonant Blade – Richard Daskas

Taking Inspiration from the SNES era of 2D pixel games, Resonant Blade takes us to a futuristic world, where we engage in an all-out battle with “Dark Synths.” In Resonant Blade, we harness the sonic power of the Resonant Blade, which will allow us to unleash devastating attacks and perform parries that will help charge our Blade to make devastating special moves. We can also use the blades resonant tones to scan our enemies for weaknesses and exploit them in battle as we master our abilities to take on The Dark Synths. Resonant Blade is available on Itch as a Name Your Own Price game and also has a small demo available to download here on its Itch Page.

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