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Publish Date:

23 Aug 2021

I love exploration in games. I love mystery and having a hands-off approach. Many Indie games grant me the option to explore my own way, find new areas or items, or even run away if I'm being a big old scaredy man who doesn't like the pulsating walls. Watching the trailer for Itorah immediately gave me that same feeling of wanting to explore, evoking similar feelings I got from playing games like Ori or Hollow Knight.

Itorah is a 2.5D action-adventure game and comes to us from the German Developer Grimbart Tales (which is run by an old Badger, best not to ask). As Itorah you're potentially the last human alive with a mission to make her way across a cursed land with only a big-mouthed weapon for companionship. Itorah and her mouthy weapon kick the ever-loving heck out of some very creepy looking creatures along the way as they explore a beautifully designed world. The Visuals of Itorah are the most stand out feature to me, as the fantastic handcrafted Central and South America inspired art style is just breathtaking. The characters are also so well designed, from the main character herself to even the creatures. While yes, they look a bit disturbing yet still fantastic. Each character has had that extra care and attention to detail, making them feel realistic and dazzling even within the colourful art style.

Another intrigue this game offers is that everyone apart from the main character wears a mask. Yet, there's no explanation for it, adding to the mystery (that I need the answer for) and almost alien atmosphere presented. Itorah will be around 8 – 10 hours long. When you're not hacking, slashing and using your very powerful skills, you're going to be platforming your heart out all to continue exploring, discovering secrets and pushing forward.

Before you ask, yes, there was a spider with more eyes than legs in that trailer, and yes, I believe that to be a boss monster. If that's the case based on the design alone, I desperately want to see what other weird and wonderful bosses this game will offer us and will absolutely hand my butt to me on a plate. Itorah will be coming out on PC towards the close of this year, and I can't wait. Do you share the same thoughts as me? Let the 3Bit team know by commenting on this article's post on Facebook and Twitter, or head on over to the 3Bit homepage and join our discord where you can discuss Itorah and many other games with the 3Bit team and our incredible community.

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