Its Time To Meet The Cleaners In Back 4 Blood

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

20 May 2021

A new trailer has dropped for Back 4 Blood, where we finally get to meet the cleaners and some of the Ridden that we will be forcefully removing from the street. In total, there are 8 cleaners, each with their own unique personality skills and abilities, making Back 4 Blood look even more awesome than it did before (if that is possible).

Our first cleaner is a grizzled war vet, Walker, a crack shot with a rifle who gains accuracy with each precision kill. Walker also gets the additional bonuses with damage and the total team health. Speaking of health, you can't forget the team medic, and in Back 4 Blood, that is Doc, a female physician with a low health heal bonus and has an improved healing efficiency and team trauma resistance.  Back 4 Blood is also a world filled with hazards, though. Eagle-eyed Karlee is the one to help the team there, as she can sense hazards and will also have an additional inventory slot whilst also being able to hasten the team. No team is complete without their sniper, and joining the cleaners is Jim, who gets increased Aim Down Site speed. Additional weak spot damage for the team, like walker Jim will also get increased damage from precision kills.

No post-apocalyptic game would be complete without a prepper, and in Back 4 Blood, our prepper is a man named Hoffman, who has probably the most useful skill out of the gang of cleaners. With each kill, Hoffman will spawn ammo and will also be able to carry an additional offensive item and will improve the team's ammo capacity. Joining our preppers is Evangelo, a natural-born survivor who is extremely lucky during this crisis. Evangelo is able to escape grabs and has increased stamina whilst also boosting the overall team speed. Next, we have mom, the toughest of all the cleaners. She can instantly revive other cleaners whilst also being able to carry an additional support item and giving the team a bonus life. Finally, we have the self-proclaimed glue to the team, Holly, who packs a mean swing with her bat. Holly recovers stamina with each successful kill whilst also boosting the team's damage resistance and team stamina.

When it comes to the Ridden, we got to check out 4 of the beasts that will be smashing through the hordes to make our job as cleaners even tougher. These Ridden are The Breaker, The Ogre, The Snitcher and the Hag. You can check out each of these beasts in action in the full trailer at the top of this page. Who will you be playing as first in Back 4 Blood? Which releases on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC on October 12th.

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