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Jordan Smith

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Tomorrow we see the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars Squadrons. This first-person starfighter simulator will place you into the cockpits of some of the most iconic ships from the galaxy far far away. Star Wars Squadrons will take us to a world after Emperor Palpatine's defeat over Endor, where the struggling remnants of the Empire struggle to hold their grip on the galaxy as the New Republic rises. But what ships will we be flying and what makes each of them so unique? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the incredible fleets at your disposal.

The New Republic, formerly known as the Rebel Alliance, is the rebirth of democracy and peace across the galaxy. However with the Empire still clinging to its past power across the galaxy. Supported by a host of incredible leaders such as Wedge Antilles and Hera Sindulla starfighter pilots like those of Vanguard Squadron will utilise one of the following four ships to help end the Empires reign over the galaxy.

• T-65 X Wing Starfighter- This infamous ship is the scourge of the Empire. With a good balance on starfighter assault, capital ship destruction and personal defence te X-Wing makes for an incredible and unsurprising member of the New Republics fleet. This adaptable ship is perfect for rookies and aces alike in taking on the Empire.

• BTL Y Wing Bomber- The Y Wing is the heaviest hitter the New Republic has to offer, with its unparalleled firepower it is the perfect ship for taking on Star Destroyers and can make short work of any starfighters that get in its way. However, the Y wing isn't without its weaknesses. Its slow speed and sluggish manoeuvrability make it an easy target for other starfighters meaning dogfights will have to be entered with great caution.

• RZ-1 A Wing Interceptor- The A Wing is the formula one car of Starfighters, its fast, stylish and has the least obstructions in its cockpit. Its sleek body and rapid-fire weapons give it speeds second to none in all areas, but its speed comes at a cost. The A Wing offers very little in terms of shields, meaning that your only defence is offence.

• UT-60D U Wing Support Craft- The largest ship available to Vanguard Squadron is the U Wing. Packing surprising speeds and strong defences, this flying tank can offer support to any allies in the cold vacuum of space with repairs and life-saving supplies. The U Wing will also be able to destabilise the enemy fleet too, by disrupting enemy systems, making them sitting ducks for the rest of the squadron.

On the other side of the coin, we have what remains of the Galactic Empire. After the Empires absolute defeat over the forest moon of Endor, the Empire struggles to maintain its grip on the galaxy. However, thanks to teams such as Titan Squadron hope remains for the Tyrannical Moffs and officers that continue to run the Imperial Navy. Titans Squadron will have full use if four elite Twin Ion Engine (TIE) variations, which have strike fear across the galaxy with their wailing engines and devastating weaponry. You can check out all four variations below

• TIE/LN Fighter- The Tie Fighter is known across the galaxy, thanks to its strong presence throughout the Empires iron grip around the galaxy. Whilst this Starfighter, like most of the Imperial Navy lacks shields it makes up for it with higher manoeuvrability and stronger armour and firepower when compared to its New Republic rival, The X Wing.

• TIE/SA Bomber- This heavily armoured bomber is very much like a Knight for space combat. Slow-moving, but hard-hitting this Starfighter is the ideal candidate for taking on the New Republic Capital ships and Frigates as well as against any other starfighter when face to face.

• TIE/IN Interceptor- The TIE Interceptor is the fastest ship in the galaxy (Unless you talk to Han Solo). Its speed and manoeuvrability are second to none, making it a deadly adversary in a dogfight. However, it is also one of the Empires weakest ships when it comes to defence, as the TIE Interceptor sacrifices armour and shielding to maintain its incredible speed. This means that for the pilots that brave flying these rapid ships will only be able to take a few lucky shots could send this lethal weapon spinning to the far corners of space.

• TIE/RP Reaper- The Tie Reaper is the only Imperial Starfighter that can boast shield capabilities within Titan Squadron. This Sleek Support vessel brings repair droids, ammo resupplies and Force Multiplying abilities to Titan Squadron, allowing the rest of the squadron to maintain flight superiority over the New Republic.

Star Wars Squadrons releases tomorrow (October 2nd) for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC via both Stam and the Epic Games Store. Squadrons will offer a full campaign with a perspective from the New Republic and The Empire, along with online 5 vs 5 Dogfights and epic fleet battles. Have you assembled your squad? Let us know in the comments on our social media pages which you can find and follow below!

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