Letters From The Editor 1 Silence and The Future

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

27 Sept 2021

To our incredible followers, friends, supporters, and everybody else,

As you may have noticed this past month or so, the team here at 3Bit has been unusually quiet, and until now, there has not been a lot of explanation from us. Life has been very exciting yet hectic for the 3Bit team, and I thought that we should share with you exactly why we have been so quiet over these last few months , plus what to expect in the future in the first of what I hope is many “Letters from the Editor in Chief”.

Before I shout out what has been going on with the 3Bit team these last few months, I thought I’d  share a bit of behind-the-scenes knowledge with you all. If you did not know, 3Bit is not a business. We are just a bunch of gamers who want to share our thoughts on the gaming world, the latest gaming news and, most importantly, entertain you, the reader (or viewer)! As a collective, we love indie games and whilst I say this personally, I’m 99% sure my fellow 3Bit members will agree that many of these deserve the same spotlight as AAA games! I mean, this year alone we have seen some unbelievable news from indie devs, with games like Darkside Detective 2, Grime, Behind the Frame, Moolander, Greak, Katja’s Abyss, and so many more! Honestly, I could talk about indies all day in this article, but I won’t and instead will just say 3Bit is content written by gamers, for gamers! This simple mantra that makes up our slogan is everything that 3Bit was created for. We wanted to see more content for the games we played with our friends, families or simply by ourselves, and not focus on just one or two games that other critics believed were superior.

Now without further delay, we finally move on to what has been happening with the 3Bit team. As many of you are probably experiencing for yourself, we have been adapting to what is being called a “post covid life” which means returning to work after furlough and work from home, or even branching into a new path in life, whilst other members have been experiencing some of life’s more exciting moments.  Such as my fellow founder, writer, streamer, and editor Kyle, who temporarily lost his office space in August (fear not everything is OK). However, this sacrifice of office space was for a good reason as both he and his partner have achieved an outstanding milestone that deserves a huge moment of congratulations as they have finally brought their own home! The team here at 3Bit are all very proud of you for achieving this milestone, Kyle, and I hope you build an epic gaming room to show off in your next stream (when you get internet)!

As for myself, I am also in the middle of a move and have started a new venture in my job on the railways, opting for a more office-based experience. This new job has meant intense training on 12-hour shifts, all whilst packing my life away to move a bit closer to London where the job is based. Thankfully the move is nearly complete. Soon after that, I will be attending EGX, one of the UK’s biggest gaming conventions and then taking a brief holiday to the great white north.

But it isn’t just Kyle and I who make 3Bit what it is, as we also have 3 other incredible team members who make up our fantastic team. The fabulous Mrs Syther, Silverlance and Timster have all been waving the 3Bit flag high, even when we have been on the busier side of life. Throughout the year, these 3 fantastic content creators have been organizing streams, writing articles and reviews, and spreading the word about 3Bit. And without each of them, we would not have half of the amazing content that is available on the 3Bit channels. Each of these content creators is also committed to their own streaming channels, which is also something that they do in their free time, so it is an absolute privilege to have them on board with us doing goofy content like voice acting for the Darkside Detective and games nights. But each of them also deserves their own shout out too!

Mrs Syther has been an outstanding source of knowledge for the 3Bit team over the past few months and has kept us in the loop with everything that is happening within the community. From the twitch raids to what’s hot right now in the gaming world, all whilst balancing her excellent streams of Sims, Rogue Company and many other great games, so be sure to check out her streams and say hello to her and the incredibly welcoming Comuni-Tea!

Timster91, our fantastic content creator from across the pond, has brought us a few tremendous reviews of hidden gems over the last few months. I strongly recommend you check them out on the 3Bit review page! He has also been building his own Tim-foolery community, where he regularly streams a whole variety of hilarious content. And has returned to work in a new job! Good luck, Timmy!

Last but certainly not least is Silverlance, who has been nonstop writing about indie games for us over the past few months. With everything that’s going on has got to the point where I cannot keep up with the fantastic content, he keeps bringing me! He has also been streaming content regularly on Twitch and has been remodelling his bathroom! Silverlance has a few more articles waiting in the wings, so be sure to stick with us to see what indie spotlights he has for us next!

Without these 3 content creators, we wouldn’t have half the fun we have on the 3Bit channels. Each of them makes our Discord and group streams a welcoming experience to be part of and watch. I have to say a huge thank you to all 3 of these amazing content creators who have kept the 3Bit flag flying high in our absence, and I can not wait to get back to streaming and writing with them all again.

But they are not the only ones I have to say thanks to, as I also want to thank those reading this and any other article that can be found here on the 3Bit website. Whether you read our articles, watch our videos, join our streams, or even share games and stories in our Discord, you are what makes 3Bit worthwhile. I will be honest when I first started writing for 3Bit, I thought, “who is going to want to hear my opinions on games?” But with your likes, follows, shares (and awkward corrections), you have helped shape 3Bit into what it is today! From there, you have inspired us to explore new content, games, and even new avenues that we didn’t think we would ever be able to venture in. But it is you, the followers, that have done that. So, from myself and the rest of the 3Bit team, we say thank you!

Now let’s look to the future. What have we got coming? Well, let me tell you there will be a lot! Next month the 3Bit team will be back to full strength, and we will be looking to grow our content to cater to all audiences. There will be more daily news and reviews, we will be back to finding the hottest rumours, so you don’t have to, our top 10s will return to celebrate the year in gaming, and of course, there will be tonnes of original content as we explore the gaming world both online and for the first time offline as we head to Britain’s biggest gaming convention EGX!

If you have a story or a game you want to share with us, then slide into our DMs on Twitter and Facebook or come join our Discord and share your stories with us on our “give us a scoop” and “advertise your game here” channels, whilst also joining our fantastic community discussions and events, that we will be starting up again very soon.

Thank you and see you all very soon!

Jordan Smith

Editor In Chief and co-founder of 3Bit.

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- The 3-Bit Team

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