Lost Judgement Combines Gripping Stories With 21 Jump Street

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Tim Rossi

Publish Date:

7 May 2021

Legal suspense is about to get redefined as Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgement gets announced for a worldwide release later this year on September 24th 2021. This new addition to the Judgement series, which started in 2018 with "Judgement", was announced earlier today on Sega's YouTube channel in a show hosted by developers Ryu Ga Gotoku's General Director and Sega's chief creative director Toshihiro Nagoshi called Judgement Day (Above) during the opening of this stream we got to check out the trailer for Lost Judgement, which was filled with fast-paced action, gripping drama and moments of pure intensity that you could've sworn you were watching a trailer for the latest Oscar-winning movie.

Lost Judgement will feature over 16 hours in dialogue alone as you set foot into the crazy world of Takayuki Yagami, a detective who has been called in to assist with an all-new mystery that has been unveiled after a guilty verdict was handed down in the courts. From what we can gather from the trailer, this new instalment to the Judgement Series will offer many deep and suspense-filled moments that will break up the action and drama that Lost Judgement will contain, much like its predecessor, Judgement on the PlayStation 4.

Another new element being added to Judgement is a Highschool, which judging from the trailer alone, looks like it will be used for key flashback sequences, shedding light not just on more dramatic subjects like bullying, but also for more story branches, which is explained as much lighter and comedic elements, by Takayuki's actor Takuya Kimura. Kimura then explained that the story of Lost Judgement will be enjoyable to anybody who plays the game, whether they have played the original title or not. The Highschool is brought up later on again in the show, where we learn a bit more about the importance of its role. It would seem that the Highschool is also a pivotal part of our investigation as we will have to go undercover to discover critical clues to help us in our case. This 21 Jump Street style of gameplay will see us taking part in many popular high school activities, including Skateboarding, boxing and even Robot Wars, as Takayuki helps students from all walks of life and even gets to have a lot of fun along the way.

During the show, we were then introduced to the producer of Lost Judgement, Kazuki Hosokawa, who spoke to us about a new location being added to Lost Judgement, Yokahama, a port town just south of Tokyo, which has 2 different sides to it depending on the time of day you explore it. Hosokawa then went on to explain more about the Highschool in Yokahama, where which we can explore in-depth, from individual classrooms to the gymnasium, all "in great detail". After a brief tour of the Highschool, the show moved onto the combat of Lost Judgement, where we leant that the game will not be turn-based, like most Yakuza titles, and instead, will all play out in real-time through multiple martial art styles, such as "The Crane", and "The Tiger" both of which offer unique ways to fight. For example, the crane is more acrobatic and can be used to send opponents flying, whilst the Tiger can be used to bring pain with powerful attacks and "lightning-fast blows." Along with these 2 fighting styles that were introduced in Judgement, we will also be seeing a new style called "The Snake" which will allow us to use our opponent's attacks against them.

Another great returning feature is the investigations where we may need to stalk and chase down suspects. During this closer look into the feature, we watch Takayuki as he uses stealth to follow his target before pursuing them, hopping over cars and even kicking a football at the suspect to slow them down, before ultimately cutting away not to give away any spoilers. This returning mode will also show off more of Takayuki's detective prowess with new athletic and stealth-based skills along with wiretapping, giving us a great variety of ways to catch our suspect.

Personally, I cannot wait for this incredible looking title to come to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on September 24th 2021. No PC version of this title has been announced yet, but this could change during Sega's next update, which will most likely be at E3. What are your thoughts on Lost Judgement? Let us know in this article's comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages which you can find and follow below.

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