Lovercraftian Horror and Strategy collide with Chromosome Evil

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

18 Apr 2021

Real-time strategy and Horror are two genres you do not often see collide in the gaming world, but the people at S.C 16 Bit Nights S.R.L have made it happen in a way that brings back pleasant memories of the now-extinct flash games in their upcoming title Chromosome Evil. This all-new strategy/ horror title looks to combine squad-based tactics with Lovecraftian Horror in a gripping top-down adventure filled with story, lore and darkness untold. Want to know more? Then be sure to carry on reading as we take a deep dive into this awesome looking indie title. Chromosome Evil will be coming to Steam next year, so be sure to check out the steam page here and wishlist the game to support the developers.

Did you say Lovecraftian Horror?

That's right, though the game does at first glance seem like a zombie survival strategy game, the story goes a lot deeper than that. In ChromosomeEvil untold darkness has risen to the surface of the earth, bringing with it creatures of unspeakable terror, ripping through the human resistance that stands in its way. The human resistance eventually becomes vastly outnumbered, especially when these abominations bring the recently deceased back to life as twisted flesh puppets to their cause.

Where do we fit into all this madness, though? Well, we are right in the middle of it all, as we take command of the remaining soldiers fighting these unspeakable terrors. Retreat is not yet an option. Our brother and fellow squadmate has gone MIA during a mission a few miles from our current location. He was sent to gather information about the underground holes, where the creatures have surfaced from and never returned. Refusing to give up on your brother, who looked after you after you were both orphaned, you embark on this desperate mission to save your brother.

3Bit First Impressions

They say that first impressions are always the most important, and with Chromosome Horror, I have to say that I cannot wait to play this awesome looking game! Whilst at first glance your mind may jump to Flash game, you will need to take a second look, as Chromosome evil offers so much more than these recently gone games, not just in terms of level design but also through gameplay mechanics and soundtrack. In terms of gameplay, this RTS shooter will see us taking command of the whole squad that travels with us as we fight through the hordes of unnatural enemies. We will be able to uniquely modify each squad member with weapons, armour, supplies and more. Each squad member will also gain levels based on their performance in the field, giving them new skills to assist in the fight. For example, the engineer will have the ability to build turrets and barricades.

Another factor I have found impressive with Chromosome Evil is the level design, which has managed to bring its environments to life in an awesome yet nostalgic style, leading to my initial comparison to classic flash games. The top-down perspective and flash style designs really add that extra layer of awesomeness for me as I cannot say I have had a bad experience playing these games, and it makes me want to play Chromosome evil even more.

To top off the excellent features of Chromosome evil, we have to talk about the soundtrack, which, if the trailer is anything to go on, will be incredibly creepy. Having an eerie soundtrack in a tactical game is sure to make even the most hardened tacticians among gamers second guess their choices, especially as the music amps up slightly.

What are your thoughts about Chromosome Evil? Let us know in this article's comments on our Facebook or Twitter pages, which you can find and follow below!

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