Manafinder will be taking us on a journey through exile like no other

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Jordan Smith

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JRPG's are not something we often talk about here at 3Bit, and honestly, at this point, I am not sure why, but one, in particular, has caught our eye, Manafinder by Seattle based developers Wolfsden, which is coming. To Steam next year! This impressive-looking JRPG uses pixel art to take us on a story through the beautifully designed yet seemingly unforgiving land of Aevi. Aevi is a stunning land, filled with danger beyond reckoning, leaving it relatively untouched by humanity. Those who dwell in this utopia are lucky to do so, particularly those in Manahill, a kingdom ruled by Holy King Vikar.

The kingdom is sheltered from the dangers of this vast landscape through a mana-barrier powered by precious manastones. Those that break the law or contest the Holy King will find themselves exiled from this haven, a punishment that is considered a fate worse than death. Those lucky enough to survive exile have formed a new settlement. Like Manahill, the people are protected by a mana barrier of their own, powered by manastones. Unfortunately, manastones are not easy to come by, so a brave band of exiles have formed together as Manafinders, and this is where our story in Manafinder begins.

In Manafinder, we play as a young woman called Lambda, who in the trailer (above) we see getting exiled from Manahill. Lambda is one of the few who survives exile and makes her way to the distant exile settlement where she ultimately joins the Manafinders. Lambda's journey as a Manafinder will take her out of the comfort of the exiles settlement. She will need to take on not just threats from the outside but also from the inside as she gathers precious manastones for the good of the exile settlement. As Lambda continues to gather stones, her story becomes more complex, to the point where only a miracle will be able to help her!

Our hunt for the manastones will take us to 23 different Biomes that make Aevi as we fight our way through over 120 different enemies in turn-based combat. The combat phases of Manafinder will play heavily on elemental affinities, meaning those we fight will have weaknesses and resistances. Of course, elemental affinities are only part of the solution to combat. We will also have various weapons to use within the battle to help us expose these weaknesses.

Of course, combat isn't all that makes Manafinder an exciting looking game, as exploration and choices are also key. As we explore Avei, we will be able to harvest and collect vital items that will aid us on our journey and meet those that make a living in Aevi, including the Exiles, our fellow Manafinders. Nomads and even Gods! Manafinders 12 hours long story will also come with 2 endings, adding to the game's replayability. Each ending will be affected by the choices you have made throughout the game.

Manafinder releases on Steam next year, but if you cannot wait until then to get hands-on, then fear not, as this fantastic looking JRPG will be getting a demo later this year, where you can check out the first 30 minutes of this beautiful looking game. Be sure to join us on our social media channels below and let us know your first impressions of Manafinder in this article's comments. Alternatively, you can join our Discord here and discuss this article and much more with our incredible community of gamers!

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