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Jordan Smith

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Star Wars: Squadrons has dropped an all-new cinematic trailer (above) introducing us to Varko Grey, the leader of Titan Squadron. Varko with this trailer, we learn a lot about this incredible new character. We first meet Varko as he fights alongside the Empire over the planet Var-Sharr, an Imperial dockyard that is under siege after the battle for Endor.

Varko is a committed man of the Empire, who shares a strong camaraderie with his wingmen and women, showing a "no one gets left behind attitude" when ordered to retreat. Even after being left behind himself, Varko shows a strong commitment to the cause as he continues to fight a Rebel Ace in an epic dog fight that goes right down to the planet's surface. Varko's cunning tactics leave him victorious, but the Rebel Alliance Ace leaves him with words that haunt him as he remains stranded on the planet. That is until he is picked up more Imperials, as it's not over yet.

This Cinematic is everything I have wanted from a Star Wars game, epic space combat and an intricate story rolled into one, much like the classic Rogue Squadron games that brought original stories and dogfights to the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: Squadrons will release on October 2nd, 2020 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Squadrons will pur=t us into the shoes of the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Navy aces as we dogfight through the rise of the new republic. Are you excited to learn more about Varko Grey? Let us know on our Social Media channels which you can find and follow bellow.

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