Monster Hunter Rise is stacking up to be an incredible game

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Jordan Smith

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Today we got to see a very exciting update from the development team working on Monster Hunter Rise. We got to see an all-new trailer during the update, learn about the monsters, the characters, and some new features, such as Wyvern Riding, which we will cover further into this article. Along with all of this exciting news, we also learned that the Demo for Monster Hunter Rise would be available from 8 am GMT on the January 8th and will be playable until February 1st. Monster Hunter Rise's demo will feature two quests, one at beginner difficulty and one at Intermediate, which you can play on your own or with friends via local and online co-op. The demo will also feature a training quest and a wyvern riding tutorial, where you can get hands-on with Monster Hunter Rise's newest feature.

In the new trailer you can check out as part of the full event above, we got to see 7 of the deadly creatures that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise and some small details about each of them, you can check out what we now know below.

• Barioth – This intimidating Wyvern has huge fangs and giant claws, making it a deadly creature to confront, however with the new wyvern riding technique, you may find a way to use these to your advantage.
• Goss Harag - Another fanged beast, but nowhere near as over the top as the Barioth this creature creates blades of ice in its hands by using its own breath.
• Khezu. Another flying Wyvern to make it into this latest trailer, this creepy long-necked monster is capable of pulling off some shocking attacks (pun intended)
• Great Baggi- this creature uses a knockout fluid to disable its prey before attacking, we strongly recommend that you bring some gear that helps combat sleep status.
• Lagombi – This big-bellied beast is surprisingly fast for its size. It takes advantage of the icy plains it is found in by using its belly as a sledge to dash around the combat zone.
• Tigrex – This was undoubtedly the most aggressive creature we saw in the trailer. The Tigrex first appeared in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and has also made an appearance in the Icebourne DLC for Monster Hunter World.
• Mizutsune - This Leviathan was one of the only creatures shown outside the Biome used in the showcase. The Mizutsune creates bubbles, capable of hindering a hunters movement in order to strike with lethal attacks, so be sure to keep your distance.
• Magnamalo – Finally we got to see Monster Hunter Rise's flagship monster, the Magnamalo a creature whose carapace is covered in heavy armour and emits a "Hellfire" looking gas, making it the ultimate attacker and defender.

All of these incredible monsters sound tough as nails, and as it is a Monster Hunter game, we will likely end up fighting more than one monster at a time, leading up to some very unfair advantages. Thankfully in Monster Hunter Rise we now have a way to turn the odds around into our own favour, with a new ability called Wyvern Riding. This new ability allows us to climb onto a creature's back, ensnare it with iron silk and control the monster. In the trailer for wyvern riding, we got to see a hunter riding a Rathalos as they faced off against a Magnamalo, which sounds and looks absolutely insane. Not only are you able to steer the monster, but you also seem to be able to set it up to attack the other monster too. But wyvern riding isn't just for fighting two monsters at the same time, as you can also use it to control the battlefield whilst fighting against a single creature, smashing it into mountainsides or luring the creature into more favourable terrain. This feature is so awesome that it even has its own trailer, which you can check out at the bottom of this article.

On top of this incredible new information, we also learned about some of the characters that will help us back at headquarters. Some of these characters include Hojo, the oldest man in the village who runs the hunter quest board, Iori, the buddy handler who will help you manage your Palico and Palimute, Kogarashi, the feline chief and head of the Meowcenaries and many more, which you will get to meet throughout your journey in Monster Hunter Rise.

We also got to look at one of the Locales we will be hunting in, Frost Islands. This icy tundra that most of the monsters we saw in the trailer are from was once a nest of Huge Dragons. Now it is home to a whole variety of monsters that are wreaking havoc across. The Direct also pointed us to why we are hunting these monsters, which is due to a mysterious event called" The Rampage". Nothing has been given away about the rampage yet, but we have been assured we will be learning more about it very soon.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26th, and I for one, am incredibly excited to get my hands on this game! Will you be picking it up when it releases or trying out the demo when it launches tomorrow morning? Let us know on our social media channels which you can find and follow below.

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