New Game Plus 2021 Highlights

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

4 Mar 2021

Today, during the New game Plus Expo, we saw some exciting news from the East with several upcoming titles coming to consoles and PC later this year, with many releasing very soon this summer. You can check out our highlights from the New Game Plus Expo below, or you can check out the full event in the video above, where you can check out many significant announcements and updates from Aksys, Inti Creates, Natsume, Arch System Works and many more.

Our first Highlight from the New Game Plus Expo came from Suda 51, the creator of the No More Heroes franchise, who opened the showcase with an announcement for his next Nintendo Switch release (that isn't No More Heroes 3). Suda 51's next game is The Silver Case 2425. The Silver Case 2425 takes us back to Suda 51's debut games under his development company, Grasshopper Manufacture. The Silver Case and The 25th Ward are the two games that make this fantastic re-release from Suda 51, which will take players to a distant gameplay style compared to that of Travis Touchdown. The Silver Case 2425 will take players on a murder mystery adventure in the district of 24 wards, as our protagonist pursues a violent serial killer in the district's streets. You can check out the trailer to The Silver Case 2425 at the bottom of this page which is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 6th.

Suda 51 was a tough game to follow. However, Nippon Ichi Software did there best to do so with a release date reveal for Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch on June 29th, with a promise to give all other strategy RPG's a serious hit in the throat. Disgaea 3 is the first new Disaega title in over six years, and fans of the series will be incredibly excited to know that they can get hands-on this summer!

Finally, from us and our New game Plus highlights, we have the 3rd and final instalment to the Blaster Master Trilogy, Blaster Master Zero 3, which will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 19th. The series that was first rebooted for the Nintendo Switch will come to an "epic conclusion", giving fans of this top-down and side scroller adventure full closure o the story of Jason as he goes to save Eve once more and hopefully for the last time.

Will you be checking out any of the exciting titles shown off in the New Game Plus Expo? Join us on our Facebook and Twitter pages below and let us know in this article comments. Alternatively, you can discuss your favourite New Game Plus announcement with our writers and community on Discord. You can find your Discord invite waiting for you here on the 3Bit home page.

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