New PlayStation 5 Terms and Conditions Suggest a Return of the Game Share Feature

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

7 Oct 2020

Today Sony sent out the new Terms and Conditions for PlayStation services to UK residence, with an email stating that changes have been made to the following: "PSN Terms of Service • Insertion of references to PlayStation®5 due to the upcoming release of PlayStation®5. • Removal of terms relating to the Auto Funding setting to reflect changes to that setting. • Amendments to limit our right to change the price of subscription fees to specific circumstances and on providing a minimum of 60 days’ notice. Software Usage Terms • Insertion of references to PlayStation®5 due to the upcoming release of PlayStation®5. Privacy Policy • Insertion of references to features on PlayStation 5 and new features on PlayStation 4." The statement "Insertion of references to PlayStation®5" caught my attention, so I figured I should go and have a look at the Terms and Conditions myself. Now upon reading not too much has changed, nothing notable at least. Although I did see a statement that I found interesting, which you can see below:

This paragraph gives us one bit of solid information, in that Sony have introduced a "Offline & Homeshare" setting to the PS5, which replaces PS4's "Primary Console" feature. The statement alludes that, if you have enabled the "Homeshare" setting on your PS5 and have an active PS Plus Membership then you will have access to Online Multiplayer, and that includes any other account which is assigned to this console. But the reason this has us even more excited is because this leads us to believe that the Game Share feature comes bundled into this, with more support than what is available now on PS4. This is a clear hint that house holds will not have to repeatedly buy games across different accounts to play online with each other, seemingly being a total rebrand of the currently dubbed "Game Sharing" feature.

For those unfamiliar with the currently dubbed "Game Sharing" feature, which is currently available on PS4, if your house hold has 2 consoles, you can set an active account on one console, and vice versa which is referred to as Game sharing. This is a convenient way to play a game with another person in your house hold even if only one of you owns the game. It is important to state that doing this on a console outside of your own household is against PlayStations terms and conditions and can result in bad consequences such as bans. We are hopeful that this feature is confirmed, but doubt PlayStation will make an official announcement on it, as it was considered a "grey-area" in the product offering. It was never added to any official PlayStation pages, but was never acted against in their terms and conditions or even patched out. Although we are sure that the statement above loosely refers to a return of this feature, we haven't had the chance to actually test it yet as the PS5 has not yet been released to anyone who could confirm this, so be sure to take this with a pinch of salt.

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