New Spiderman Box Art and What It Could Mean

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Jordan Smith

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Are you as excited for Spider-Man: Miles Morales as we are? If so then you are in for a nice surprise thanks to a recent PlayStation blog update, showing off the new box art for the much-anticipated spin-off, which you can find below. The box art does not give a lot away in terms of what to expect, but what we do see is Miles Morales striking a very similar pose to Peter Parker on the original Spiderman PS4 game. Could this imaging be a sign that Miles will be the only Spider-Man in New York, with Peter out of the picture? With the previous rumours that have circulated Marvel video games, we at 3-Bit have cultivated a theory. Our theory revolves heavily around the Marvel storyline “The Trial of Peter Parker”. Only with modern retelling where miles will be the one securing evidence to save Parker. This in turn then begs the question Will he be alone? As the trial of Peter Parker involves the Blind Lawyer/superhero Dare Devil. We believe that could be possible, as Troy Baker has in the past hinted that he potentially is playing the man without fear. What are your thoughts to the latest box art does it signify anything to you? Let us know on our pages which you can like below. Don’t Forget there is still time to enter our competition for a £50 PlayStation or Xbox Voucher.

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