Night Wire City Episode 2 Highlights

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Jordan Smith

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Today we saw the second Episode of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Wire, where we learnt more about the games introduction and our Protagonist V’s optional backstories. We got to go behind the scenes with Johnny Silverhand’s band Samurai (Refused, and we got to see a few of the toys we can utilise throughout Cyberpunks more action-heavy sequences.

When we first play Cyberpunk 2077, we will be able to choose from 3 very different paths. These paths are essentially our backstory, and with them will come additional opportunities unique to the path you have selected, such as additional dialogue options. The first of the 3 backstories we saw was Street Kid. As a street kid, V was raised in the rougher parts of Night City, committing petty crime, fighting for the streets, understanding how everything in Bight City works. Playing as the street kid we will be taking the path from zero to hero as we do what we can to become a legend. If you aren’t into the whole street kid scene then maybe the Nomad life is more for you. As a Nomad V will be part of a hardened group of exiles living out in “The Badlands”, a dangerous wasteland that is fully explorable and full of danger. Nomads are all about family and their code. Choosing the Nomad, we will be learning what it means to be outcast by the outcasts and we will have to find a way into Night City before the story begins. Our final choice is for those who prefer to be in the shark pits. Corpo is a choice that will bring you into Cyberpunks lethal Corporate world filled with cutthroat businessmen and women and lots of dodgy dealings. Corpos have a unique eye for business and this skill could help V throughout the game especially when it comes to getting a few extra jobs.

During the second part of Night City Wire, we learnt more about Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Silverhand, more specifically we went behind the scenes with his band Samurai. The Punk rock band Samurai is, in fact, Swedish punk rockers “Refused” who put many hours into perfecting a change in how they play and how they sing to bring Samurai to life as its own unique band. You can check out Samurai on most popular streaming services such as Spotify, where 4 tracks are currently available to listen to now.

In the Final segment of Night City Wire, we got to check out some of the toys that will literally blow away any competition we have in Night City. I am of course talking about Cyberpunk’s fully customisable weapons, which you will not only be able to adjust with external attachments, but also with software enhancements. These software enhancements will in most cases improve statistics in your weapons, such as damage and accuracy, but they can also be used to turn your weapons non-lethal make them able to break armour faster. We also got to check out a few of the available weapon types featured in Cyberpunk. The weapon types in Cyberpunk include Melee weapons, such as a funky looking Katana for those who like to get up close and personal. Tech weapons such as the Tsunami Sniper which uses electromagnetic propulsion to pierce walls and armour for the ultimate sneak attack. Power weapons, which are a lot more like the weapons we see today, only the bullets pack a bit more of a punch and regularly ricochet for that extra chance of bonus damage. Smart weapons, which feature an auto lock-on feature, allowing you to target multiple enemies at once with little to no effort. Finally, we saw my personal favourite in weaponry, Cyberware. Cyberware is weapons built into V’s limbs, such as swords and a tiny rocket launcher. Weapons in Cyberpunk will also have their own rarity system, from common to legendary. Legendary weapons are apparently going to be a bit more of a commodity in Cyberpunk, as if you are a collector of the finer things like myself then you may have to kill some potential allies to claim their Legendary weapon. If you want to check out anything from this article, then check out the full Night City Wire feature on twitch here: . Cyberpunk 2077 will launch on November 19th and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia. If you want to see more from us here at 3-Bit then be sure to give us a follow below, as we continue to bring you gaming news from across the world, along with the latest reviews, streams and so much more!

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