One Lonely Outpost is The Science Fiction of Stardew Valley

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Kyle smith

Publish Date:

23 Feb 2021

One Lonely Outpost is a pixelized farming sim with a unique ‘Sci-fi’ setting - a barren, alien planet. It’s the players task to bring this planet to life, create a community and make the planet habitable. Although life in space is not easy, at every turn you are faced with difficult choices and challenges such as: will you grow genetically modified crops and face the consequences of fuzzy tomatoes and glowing cabbages, or will you go the organic route and painstakingly hand-graft different species of plants together? Either way, you don’t know what this could do to the people who populate this world.

Farming is not the only thing to do in this title though as alien ruins will lay in wait for you to explore, will you pass their tests and uncover their secrets? As your colony grows, meet all kinds of different people as they visit this world, parents, a cyborg, an ex-corporate spy, and perhaps even a spouse! Play the game exactly how you like, in any order, all at your leisure. How you play the game is in your control.

One Lonely Outpost is a title that takes it inspirations from the golden era of console gaming. NES and SNES titles such as Mario and Metroid were the first games to inspire the developers to make this game, then ultimately taking further inspiration to the hit success of Stardew Valley. Both games have the same aesthetic, but what is really important here is that One Lonely Outpost is not a copy of this game. Both game play vastly different and have different rules. So, although they have a very similar look and playstyle, each game will give a completely different experience.

Be sure to check out the trailer above and check out the game’s website at: where you will be able to follow the devs on social media, and Wishlist their game on Steam! The game is due to release late 2021/early 2022, so be sure to keep your eye on the many developer updates on their website.

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