One Shell Straight To Hell Should Be On Your Radar and It Releases This Week

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

7 Feb 2021

One Shell Straight From Hell, is an indie game in which puts you in control of Padre Alexander, a man of the lord, kitted up to his eyeballs in arms, heavily ready to push back hordes of demon’s. Developer Shotgun With Glitters have truly created an insane mess of gore and grit, with the same kind of attitude you would find in the early Duke Nukem games. One liners, guns and mayhem are promised in this amazing indie shooter.

This game offers a refreshing blend of isometric dungeon crawling and base defence, all packed in with a ‘padre’ with a surly attitude. One Shell Straight From Hell, has you navigating it’s levels in a style in which is familiar with Serious Sam, blended with an Isometric view and the ability to build devastating base defences. It is a crazy mix, which is a welcomed change to other indie titles much like this. The highlights of this title are this: • A refreshing blend of gaming styles: dungeon-crawling shooter meets tower defence with strong rogue-lite replay-ability – it’s all about fast-paced action and challenging combinations of weaponry and enemies. • Engaging gameplay meets compelling storylines, The Padre’s bad attitude and comedic timing make him a memorable character for players to engage with. • The Voxel Art style of One Shell Straight to Hell pays tribute to an age of gaming creating a stylish re-imagining of the horror classics. • Base defence sessions. When not busy dungeon-crawling, Padre Alexander will have to defend the mansion from hordes of enemies building traps, global enchantments, and powerups. • Perplexing monsters- Ranging from the possessed kitchen drawer to drunken long-dead pirate captains and, I almost forgot, demons... a lot of demons. • Regular weapons using varieties of ammunition, holy weapons drawing on your faith and unholy weapons craving for your blood. • Skill tree that makes you stronger and adds to the strategy. • Randomly generated ‘dungeon’ maps. • And more crazy absurd stuff !

One Shell Straight To Hell will be releasing on Steam for £18.99 with the promise of a free, unexpected crossover DLC for the first week of release. The crossover will merge the psychological horror, Layers of Fear from Bloober Team with the chaos to be inflicted by The Padre! This DLC will feature a unique additional story mission, filled to the brim with one-lines and cursed paintings! What’s not to love?!

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