Our Survey Shows That PlayStation 5 Is Leading the Next Generation

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Kyle Smith

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We here at 3Bit have been running our own little survey to get a grasp of what console has the most interest for the next generation. We so far, have had an amazing response rate compared some of our other posts, and we have managed to gather 98 responses. It maybe a small sample, but it's interesting to dive into these and see how they hold up against some of the bigger surveys that are out there. So, lets jump right into it. You'll find our key results in the image below.

So, for those who cannot see the image, PlayStation 5 takes the lead with a 58% interest whilst the Xbox Series X | S sit at a 22% total interest rate. Finally, the last 20% of people, is constructed of people who are going to simply be getting both consoles. So, with this only being 98 people, this doesn't really validate our findings, and to combat this challenge, I have gone in search of other surveys similar to this one to establish and compare what their findings were. Surprisingly the ones we were able to find, aligned to the findings of our very own survey. IGN held a survey that asked fans: "Given what you know now, which next-gen console are you spending your money on this year?" in which at a massive return of circa 90,000 responses (from what we have found), which had the following results: c54% of people voted PlayStation 5. c22% Xbox Series and 11% voted 'Both'. The key difference was that IGN added a neither function that we did not, that made up for 13% of people. LADBible conducted a survey in mid September which got 7,500 votes. Although LadBible never fully publicised their full breakdown, they did summarise that the PlayStation 5 had a whopping 65% of votes. Which again isn't too big of a jump from our own. Finally Experiance12 did a survey in the UK, in ComicCon which had the most drastic results of ~84% of people picking the PlayStation 5, and 15% of people picking the Xbox Series X. Which does make sense, as the UK does have a significantly higher PlayStation fanbase, opposed to Xbox. A finding can be found at the link below this article, in which 1 in every 10 people in the UK had a PlayStation 4 console.

This doesn't mean that one console is better than the other, and in-fact it doesn't even say that one companies marketing is superior to the other. It comes down too soo much more than just these two factors. So, in the interest of dispelling any belief in bias, I am going to share my thoughts on why Sony has such a clear cut lead. The simple reason I think PlayStation leads is because of its heritage. It's been around longer as a 'Console Provider' and therefore is more imbedded into households. When growing up my Nan, would say things to me when I played consoles such as: "Turn down that silly PlayStation box". Even when I had an Xbox 360, my family for a while would still refer to it as a 'PlayStation'. Simply because that's what they had grown used to and don't really care for gaming themselves. In this young time in my life, my mother would buy me consoles for my Birthday or Christmas etc, so she would go with what would "look nice in her house" or "what she knew", which was Nintendo or Sony. My family (who aren't familiar with gaming) would never associate Windows or Microsoft to the Xbox brand, therefore they never "trusted" it, when it first launched. My Mum did eventually get us an Xbox 360 (after my constant nagging to play Halo 3), but when it RROD, she got annoyed at the quality and swapped us over to a PlayStation 3, and she wouldn't trust Xbox anymore based on that one old error that occurred many years ago. So, in her head she see Sony as the most reliable console. I believe some where in the example above, is the barrier that Microsoft struggles to break through in the console world. Over time, due to heritage and consistently delivery a good console, Sony haven't really dropped the ball, therefore have secured that status as the reliable trust worthy one. Therefore, unlike Nintendo who walked away from standard Entertainment Consoles, I believe that it's this principle that gives Sony the edge that it has today. My last note is, don't ever be bound to loyalty of one console. Simply get what you think is best for you, but if you ever get the opportunity to obtain the 'other console', go ahead and do it. Experience the wonderful games that you haven't been able too, due to platform exclusives and enjoy the fantastic worlds that developers have hand crafted for us to enjoy, regardless of platform. Source Link: https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/16/1-every-10-brits-owns-playstation-4-10753004/

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