Our Thoughts Of What the New Mass Effect Title Will Be

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

A few days ago Bioware came together to announce that they would be releasing an remastered version of Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 and also dropped a single paragraph to state they are working on the next instalment of the Mass Effect universe. In this article I just want to break down some small interesting parts to try and guess, what the next instalment of Mass Effect will involve. Below I have shared Biowares statement:

"Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include single-player base content and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, plus promo weapons, armors, and packs – all remastered and optimized for 4k Ultra HD. It will be available in Spring 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. More information to come in the new year! Meanwhile here at BioWare, a veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. We are in early stages on the project and can’t say any more just yet, but we’re looking forward to sharing our vision for where we’ll be going next."

What I find interesting is the choice of words used to describe the next instalment. Casey who wrote the blog on behalf of Bioware chose to say that this is the "next chapter in the Mass Effect Universe". Then states the team are envisioning "where we are going next". I mean maybe I am reading into this too much, but it really sounds like the team have made a clear decision to take the story somewhere new. Does this mean Bioware could be abandoning the Andromeda Universe?

Additionally we got a little sample of what to expect with a teaser bit of art work, where we can see 4 silhouettes on an empty plain, standing right near a clunky ship with the initials "XT8" on it. What's most interesting to me, is the planet that is next to the sun in the sky. It feels to me like Bioware want Space travel to be a big part of this title, and in fact that's exactly what they envisioned the original Mass Effect to be like, before choosing a more linear experience. After seeing the world Andromeda had to offer, I'd be nervous at the fact of introducing an open world game again. Some of Mass Effects best moments where in its claustrophobic corridors, ending in open arenas, where Shepard and his crew were expected to 'duke it out' to progress. Open world experiences minimise these action orientated moments, and I believe it was one of the biggest things that broke the pacing in Andromeda.

For now, the information out there is incredibly minimal, but I thought I'd share my thought's on what the announcement highlights. Come and let us know what you think in our comments sections on our social media pages!

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