Paranoid - A Game About Secretly Judging Your Friends with a Catch

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

Paranoid is a brand new card game that is about "Judging" your friends, and trying to get away with it! Paranoid is best experienced with 4 - 12 players and has NSFW tones, aiming at mature audiences. But let's get to the game, how is it played? Well, the premise is simple:

Step 1: Each turn a player draw a Paranoid Card, on it will be a question like “Who has the worst taste in partners?” (Don't show it to anyone!)
Step 2: The Player will then place that card face down to whoever they feel is the answer. (No one is allowed to look at the cards they are given unless they find a reveal card, which we will get to later)
Step 3: Next, the player draws an Action Card which will contain either a task or a "Reveal" card. The player must complete or win the task or challenge on the card, otherwise they risk losing a turn. If the card they draw is a Reveal Card, then they may look at one of the Paranoid Cards they’ve been given.
Step 4: The winner is the player who finds the 6th Reveal Card! Oh, but it doesn't end there, folks! As they can now look at all their Paranoid Cards and have complete rule over whether the other players are allowed to view the cards they’ve been given. If they are feeling particularly cruel, the winner could even set a dare or challenge that players must complete to view their cards.

Paranoid is officially going live on Kickstarter on the 21st September and you are going to love it!
With a lot of the ground work done, the Paranoid team are really going to town with their Kickstarter pledges. Rewards include a copy of the Game, Paranoid Merchandise and Custom Booster Packs.

As part of the campaign there will be a Paranoid Referral Scheme where backers can add additional rewards to their pledges by encouraging friends and family to pledge too and impressively, the person with the highest referral value by the end of the campaign will win an exclusive limited-edition copy of the game with holographic cards. There will only be 2 printed, one will be kept by the creator of the game and the other will go to the winner!

Take some time to follow the links below and go give the team some backing on the 21st September.


"Paranoid Card" Favourite Samples:

• A naked man knocks at the door. Who is he there to see?
• Who would literally take candy from a baby?
• Who is most likely to be drunk by lunchtime?
• In a zombie apocalypse, who would be the first to die?
• Whose social media should come with a nudity warning?
• Whose idea of a great night would feature the most illegal activities?
• You’re all stuck in an elevator. Who drops a fart?
• You all went to an escape room last week. Who is still trapped?
• Who has the most nudes on their phone?
• You all walk into a church. Who is most likely to sizzle?

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