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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

The Path of Kami: Prologue is a game that gives players an introduction and taste of the full upcoming title The Path of Kami. This prologue will put its players in control of a spirit, which takes the form of a Japanese wolf, called Kazeyo. Set in a beautiful and rich Japanese world, players can be expected to take their time and take stock of this beautiful world developer Captilight have created. So, for those looking for a game with a calming world and a lore rich story, this is the title for you. 

Prologue Gameplay:

The Path of Kami: Prologue is a game that presents itself as a beautiful piece of art, with stunning hand-painted 3D visuals. It’s this tone that carries the games overall gameplay which mixes the formulas of popular platform-adventure games, with a unique blend of visual storytelling and relaxing puzzles. It’s hard to compare this title to other games, although if I had to find any comparisons, it reminds me of a good mix between Zelda and the first Spyro game.

  • Explore beautiful landscapes by lighting lanterns & finding collectables

  • Light lanterns with your spirit fire to transverse to new areas or get collectables

  • Enjoy a hand-painted painterly world

  • Beautiful music that will hit you in the feels!

The Inspiration of Story:

Path of Kami takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese Folktales, Momotaro and Issun-Boushuni:

  • Momotaro is a tale in which a young boy was born from a peach, who was found floating down a river by an old, childless women. After being named Mototaro (due to being found with a peach), he grew into adolescence and left his parents to fight a band of Oni (demons). Teaming with a monkey, dog and pheasant, the band of 4 newly made friends, managed to storm the Oni’s keep, get them to surrender, and stop harassing the people of the surrounding land.

  • Issun-Boushuni is the tale of a boy who was born 3cm tall and never grew taller, this donned him the name One-Sun-Boy, which translated to Issun-Boushuni. Issun wanted to become a warrior, so left home with a needle as a sword and straw as armour. Issun used a bowl, with a chopstick to sail his way to the capital, where he met a family who employed him. The daughter of the family was kidnapped by an Oni, who swallowed Issun whole when he tried to save her. Issun used his needly to stab the Oni’s stomach from within, getting him to free the daughter, spit Issun out and retreat to the mountains.

The Path of Kami:

Based on the tales above it is clear that Path of Kami is going to tell the story of the under-dog overcoming their weaknesses and prevailing against evil. This concept is beautifully matched to the artistic style of this game and will act as a perfect catalyst to bring the story to the player by challenging that calmness that this world has emanated. The Path of Kami: Prologue sets this concept up to the players and allows them to embrace the calming ambience the developers have created. It serves to show the players what they can expect in the full game, giving them a sneak peek of the kind of storytelling, lore and gameplay.

The prologue will be avaliable later this year, with a  demo avaliable for free today, which you can find here. We urge you to give this a go and if you like what you play, support the developers in achieving their funding goal, which can be found here. Let us know what you think of the game, by either joining our Discord or jumping onto our social media pages linked below!

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