Play Your Cards Right With Inscryption

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Publish Date:

17 Oct 2021

I have an affinity with card games. I love (even if im rubbish at) games such as Magic The Gathering, both physical and online. As a result, I am always on the look out for interesting, fun, or just plain different games. Which is how I came across Inscryption. What did surprise me is that it's the same developer who made the heavily layered, weird and very plot distracting game Pony Island, the simple game where you fight the devil. Now that's a sentence I didn't expect to write today.

Judging by the mind-bending game that was Pony Island, the description for this game has been purposely left somewhat vague, but with just enough detail to make it both intriguing and rather horrible. The game's description kicks off with "You acquire a deck of woodland creature cards by draft, surgery and self-mutilation", now straight away, we can see the swing for a more horror theme rather than trying to pose it as a nice game with sinister intentions. The overall similarities I got from the trailer is akin to games like Hand of Fate. However, there's a heck of a lot more presented to separate and build upon that initial premise. If they continue the trope of presenting mind-bending games, I think we're going to be in for a treat.

The game itself is a card battling rogue-lite game with even some escape room style puzzles in that on its own would have been enough to get numerous people's attention, but the addition of the psychological horror aspect makes it even more compelling to me. The team (Daniel Mullins Games) already has a proven track record of bringing both the fantastical and mystery elements into games, so seeing them adding horror elements feels like a natural progression. But what I really I want to know is why the cards are speaking to you and what other secrets they hold. Inscryption is coming to PC towards the end of 2021. However, if you cannot wait for the upcoming release, the Daniel Mullins Games team has released a Beta that you can register your interest in.

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