Pokemon Legends Arceus takes us back to Sinnoh

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

26 Feb 2021

During today’s Pokémon celebrations, we got to see where the Pokémon story is going next. The next Pokémon Story is called Pokémon Legends: Arceus, an all-new RPG style adventure set in the feudal past of the Sinnoh region, where we also see Pokémon Diamond and Pearl set. 

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will give players a whole new way to experience the incredible world of Pokémon as trainers will be able to sneak around the wild Pokémon using stealth elements usually found in action games. Using stealth will allow trainers to study wild Pokémon behaviours, and then when the moment is just right, throw their Pokéball to capture it. 

Alternatively, players will be able to use their Pokémon to seamlessly enter Pokémon battles with the wild Pokémon to train or weaken them before capture.

Whilst not much has been revealed around the story for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we do know that it will focus heavily on the legendary and titular Pokémon Arceus, who is said to have created the Sinnoh region along with the Ransei region and possibly the rest of the Pokémon universe. Will you be taking up the call for adventure when Pokémon Legends Arceus releases in 2022? Join us on our social media pages which you can find and follow below and let us know! Or you can join the discussion on our Discord and let us know which starter Pokémon you will be picking for this incredible adventure, Cyndaquil, Rowlett or Oshawott. You can find your invite to the Discord on the 3Bit home page.

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