Project Triangle revealed by Square Enix at Nintendo Direct

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

18 Feb 2021

Several months ago Square Enix promised that a lot of new announcements were on the way and we got to see some incredible titles, ranging from the epic continuation of the Final Fantasy Series to Balan Wonderland. But it seems that the world-renowned studios are not done yet, as during last nights Nintendo Direct we got to check out their latest announcement, Project Triangle Strategy, an all-new turn-based RPG that is the latest addition to the HD-2D Series. 

Project Triangle Strategy will take us into the realm of Norzelia as 3 factions war over key resources in what has become known as the Salt Iron War. The three factions, each have their own unique cities and characters, which you can interact with and fight alongside as you strive to put and end to this desperate war of resources.

Project Triangle will feature incredible turn-based combat similar to the likes of Xcom or more accurately Larian's Divinity series, where you will be able to command your characters around the battlefield, shifting the tides to your favour by capturing the high ground or utilising the environment to help you overcome enemy forces. Outside of combat Project Triangle Strategy will focus more on choices, as you are often given three dialogue option which focuses on Morality, Unity and Liberty. Based on which path you chose to take in discussions can change the course of the story.

However these are not the only choices you have to make, as there will be times in Project Triangle Strategy where you will need to vote between 2 choices in a democratic voting system. During this time of voting, you will have to convince others to join your side as you try to tip the literal scales into your favour. Project Triangle Strategy is currently a working title, and will not release until 2022. Eager fans of this fantastic genre of games like myself will be able to check out some of the early gameplay for Project Triangle Strategy, which is available to download now on the Nintendo eShop. will you be checking out the Demo? Join us on our social media channels below and let us know in this articles' comments. Or you can join the Nintendo Direct discussion in our Discord which you can find an invite for here on the 3Bit home page.

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