Quantic Dreams First Game as a Publisher Dustborn Looks Amazingly Indie

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

2 Mar 2021

Dustborn is a game Set in 2030 where you lead a band of misfits and outcasts on a thrilling road-trip across a divided States of America. This game is told in a story-driven, action-adventure style, which homes its focus on hope, love, friendship, robots and the power of words.

Players take control of Pax, an ex-con-artist and outcast cast away from society. Pax is hired to transport a mysterious package from Pacifica to Nova Scotia, across a Justice-controlled American Republic. But this is not a one-woman job. The fanatical Puritans are on your tail, the authoritarian Justice is in your way, you’re an outlawed Anomal, and you’re four-months pregnant. Recruit a band of misfits and outcasts and maybe together you might survive this road trip… unless you destroy yourselves first.

Dustborn is being developed by Red Thread Games, who previously developed Draugen, Svalbard and Dreamfall Chapters. This time though, stepping a little further away from being an Indie game, Dustborn is being published by Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit Become Human developers Quantic Dream. Based on the type of game that this is going to be, this feels like a match made in heaven, and makes this game something absolutely worth keeping an eye on.

As a gamer this title feels very similar to the likes of the TellTale Games, but with a team behind it that is used to giving very cinematic stories. Over-all none of this mixture gives me concerns, making me extremely excited to see more. Dustborn has been quiet since its announcement in June last year, although it does plan to come to consoles and PC. We’re not sure what consoles yet, or whether this will have any form of exclusivity.

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