Rainbow 6 Extraction Fully Revealed During Ubisoft's E3 Show

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

12 Jun 2021

It's time to get into the Containment Zone as we get an all-new trailer for Rainbow 6 Extraction (Formally Quarantine). This new trailer was our first real look at gameplay. We also got a release date of September 1th2021! And we cannot wait as Ubisoft really took us in-depth with this highly anticipated 1-3 player PVE shooter.

Our first trailer took us right into the heart of the story as creatures spawned by the alien parasite that was first introduced in Rainbow Six Siege with the Outbreak event. This incredible looking trailer follows a team of operators as they go on a rescue mission to save their squadmate Hibana who has been captured by the parasites. This explosive trailer showcased some incredible new features, enemies and equipment that will be featured in Rainbow 6 Extraction.

The most exciting new feature is that your player can go MIA during the mission, meaning your squad will need to rescue you from the deadly horde. Failure to be rescued will result in your demise along with all the gear and upgrades you have purchased for the character who has died. Along with this incredible new feature, we will also see a tonne of new equipment available for our operators, including Prisma's Holograms, a new electric shock claymore and much more. Operators will also have their signature abilities too, such as Ela, who we see using her concussion mines throughout the trailer to get the team out of sticky situations. Personally, I really hope we see Fuze return in this title, so we can cause unparalleled explosive mayhem to the parasite hordes.

Moving into the gameplay, it became very apparent from the get-go that stealth will be a key factor to the 3 maps that have been revealed, each with procedurally generated features and 3 tiers to each map. Whilst playing stealthily, we will use our reactive technology to gain valuable intel about the parasitic creatures. Our react blade that will be used to gather intel can also be used to make deadly stealth takedowns.

When stealth fails the team, we will need to take on the opposition in fast-paced shooter action and may even need to run away, as surviving alone will not always be an opportunity you can risk, meaning teamwork is key throughout the game, especially if you dare to enter tier 3 of the map, where you will come across devastating variants to the parasitic creatures including the tank-like Smasher, the explosive breacher, the shapeshifting tormentor and the terrifying bass like Apex.

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