Rainbow 6 Siege operation neon dawn is live

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

1 Dec 2020

Today Rainbow 6 Siege turns 5, putting it halfway through the games ten-year life span. Over the last five years, we have seen Rainbow 6 Siege turn into a completely different game than what it first was, with 59 operators now available, new maps and seasonal game modes, and tonnes of gameplay fixes and features added, including complete reworks on some characters. This incredible milestone of 5 years is being celebrated by Ubisoft today with tonnes of new free content for Rainbow 6 Siege. The update, which is aptly named Neon Dawn is available to download right now! The content includes an all-new operator, next-gen Upgrades and a rework to the Skyscraper map.

The new Operator is NIGHTHAVEN member Aruni. Formerly part of the Royal Thai Police, Aruni joined NIGHTHAVEN after an invite from Kali, and her deep backstory involves an operation gone wrong with Thermite, you can learn more about this in Ubisoft's latest animated short above. Aruni's in-game ability will allow her to put up laser defence grids known as SURYA LASER GATES, that will burn anybody foolish enough to cross them, making her an ideal clutch defender. She will also be equipable with an SMG or marksman rifle. She will also be able to utilise either a proximity alarm or barbed wire.

When it comes to next-gen Rainbow 6 siege will be seeing some significant upgrades to both graphics and framerates. Ubisoft has added two graphical options to next-gen users, like most games which will focus on either visuals or frame rates. For visual supremacy, you will want to use the resolution mode (also known as fidelity) which will give you 60 FPS and 4K resolution. On the other side of the coin, the performance mode will double the framerates, bringing it to 120 FPS, and graphics will be rendered to 4K Dynamic resolution scaling. On the Xbox Series S however, these updates will see a difference in graphics, with the performance mode giving us 1080p at 120 FPS and resolution mode giving us 1728p at 60 FPS. Along with performance and resolution modes owners of the PlayStation 5 will notice that Rainbow 6 siege will also take advantage of the new Dual Sense controller, with each gun taking advantage of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. PlayStation 5 users will also be able to take advantage f the new activity cards, allowing them to jump straight into a game from the consoles main menu.

Along with these two great updates, we will see a rework for SkyScraper, which will rearrange the map's layout, adding new areas and generally making the experience a bit more different for players. We will also be seeing a lot of major gameplay, performance and environmental fixes, which we have listed from the patch notes below. Are you going to be playing Rainbow 6 Siege on next-gen consoles? Let us know on our social media pages which you can find and follow below, and maybe we will see you in the game!

Y5S4 PATCH SIZE • A larger download will be required for Y5S4 due to a data consolidation. • This is to save disk space, reduce overall build size, and improve loading times for players. • Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. - PC: 60-87GB - Series X: 3.2GB - Xbox One: 35.9GB - PS4: 35.9GB - PS5: 5.38GB TWEAKS AND IMPROVEMENTS GAME HEALTH DEFUSER PICKUP • The defuser pick up interaction that was introduced during the 3.3 update has been deactivated. The defuser prompt will be available later on in Season 4. • Auto-pickup, when walking over the defuser, is still active. EXPLOSION HAZE • Explosion haze will be removed from all maps with Y5S4.0 to ensure consistency and reliability, which is not achieved with the current haze system. MUFFLED SOUNDS - LOW HEALTH • Muffled sounds when players are low in health have been toned down. Players will find themselves at less of a disadvantage in these situations. BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY • FIXED – Players are unable to start Training Grounds through matchmaking. • FIXED – Exploit that allowed players to overwrite the game mode, rules, or map in matchmade games. • FIXED – Player can lose control of their character at the end of a round. • FIXED – Several functionality issues present when picking up or attempting to detonate a Nitro Cell. • FIXED – Various matchmaking capabilities when finding another match after a match cancellation and when the player joins a match in progress. • FIXED – Players are able to see the opposing team before joining the match. • FIXED – Deployable gadgets' colliders don't rotate with player perspective. • FIXED – Sticky gadgets are bouncing off of bulletproof gadgets. • FIXED – All players in a game are experiencing FPS drops when a player spins in a specific location on some maps. LEVEL DESIGN • FIXED – Bomb asset has a minor gap visible on all maps. • FIXED – Teamkills with RFF disabled will take effect on the first map with RFF enabled. • FIXED – Various map asset destruction issues. • FIXED – Audio issues are present on various maps. • FIXED – Inconsistent vault prompts found on several maps. • FIXED – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps. • FIXED – Gadget deployment issues found on multiple maps. • FIXED – Lighting and mesh issues visible on various maps. • FIXED – Collision issues present on several different maps. • CHALET • FIXED – Ability to use a shield to vault onto the counter in the Piano Room on Chalet map. • FIXED – Glass cannot be properly destroyed in the fridge and cigar cabinet on Chalet map. • FIXED – Operator's legs clip through all the stone walls that surround B Backyard Stairs on Chalet map. CLUBHOUSE • FIXED – LOS issues on Clubhouse map from 1F Garage to Eastern Sub-roof. SKYSCRAPER • FIXED – A multitude of LOD issues are present on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Multiple graphic errors can be seen on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Several items can be seen floating on Skyscraper map in specific circumstances. • FIXED – Several items on Skyscraper map are unbreakable. • FIXED – Various clipping and visual gaps on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Kanji appearing on a Bathroom poster should read 雪 月 花 on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – MVP screen brightness makes player names unreadable on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Spawn issues present for Operators, Hostages, and enemies on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Player can navigate onto a window frame in 2F Geisha and have an exploitable line of sight on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – When set to other languages, English language is still displayed for 1F Bedroom Closet on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Drones can get stick or fall out of bounds at multiple locations on Skyscraper map. • FIXED – Missing bomb at 1F Bathroom site on Skyscraper map. OPERATORS • FIXED – Defenders are able to place certain deployable gadgets on bombs. • FIXED – Melee debris and decals sometimes appear before the hit animation. • FIXED – Various clipping and minor animation issues for operator weapons and gear. • FIXED – Melee/knife speed is faster than it should be. • FIXED – Reticle dot/crosshair issues present with several Operator devices. • FIXED – Minor overlay animation issues for Operators and their gadgets. • FIXED – Various issues where it is possible to deploy gadgets on top of one another. ACE • FIXED – Ace's SELMA is affected by electricity when thrown in a hole covered by electricity. SELMA may fail to detonate a second time. ARUNI • FIXED – Aruni's melee attack does not break certain surfaces and windows. • FIXED – Surya Gate will not destroy certain gadgets when placed on a destructible wall. • FIXED – Aruni doesn't rotate properly in third person when deploying Surya Gate. • FIXED – Aruni has a greater melee distance than the other operators. • FIXED – Surya Gate can be picked up while overloading or when it's overloaded. CASTLE • FIXED – If Castle's Armor Panel takes melee damage in the same spot near either side of the door frame, a gap will be present. ECHO • FIXED – Echo's Yokai drone can become indestructible when attached to a ceiling. • FIXED – Yokai potentially loses SFX while attached to the ceiling if the game is left in the background using ALT-TAB on a PC. HIBANA • FIXED – Hibana aims weapon sight down automatically when activating pellets. • FIXED – Various functionality and visual issues that occur when using Hibana's X-Kairos. IQ • FIXED – Visual effects of IQ's Electronics Detector are not visible further than 15 M away. • FIXED – IQ is missing the Razor Holo scope available on their 552 Commando weapon. KAID • FIXED – Electronics Detector wave effect is still present on Kaid's disabled Electroclaw. KALI • FIXED – The LV-Lance's spike is passing through a Deployable Shield like it does for a soft wall. MAESTRO • FIXED – It is possible to destroy an Evil Eye when it is placed on destructible surfaces. MONTAGNE • FIXED – Several functionality issues with Montagne's shield and guard breaking. MOZZIE • FIXED – Mozzie's Pest Launcher will not capture a drone when another is within range but out of sight. ORYX • FIXED – Oryx occasionally shows inconsistent behavior after dashing. • FIXED – Bloody vignette is missing after Oryx passes through a soft wall. TACHANKA • FIXED – Visual and functionality issues associated with Tachanka's Shumikha Launcher. • FIXED – When Tachanka shoots a Frag Grenade, frag bounce SFX can sometimes play unintentionally. THATCHER • FIXED – Thatcher's EMP Grenade doesn't disable Clash's CCE Shield electricity. • FIXED – Thatcher does not receive any points when disabling a security camera. VALKYRIE • FIXED – Users who join a match in progress are unable to tag attackers through Valkyrie's Blackeyes. ZERO • FIXED – Several visual and audio issues present with Zero's SC3000K. • FIXED – Issues present with Zero's gadget crosshairs during end of round replay when equipping the Argus Launcher. • FIXED – Issues with animation and damage for Zero's cameras. • FIXED – Zero's camera deployment can be heard OffSide. • FIXED – Zero's 5.7 USG has a barrel attachment menu present despite only having the silencer equipped by default. USER EXPERIENCE • FIXED – After finishing a Lone Wolf session, players receive the message "Please Wait, Synchronizing Data" infinitely. • FIXED – "Asset Protection," "Improvise Defense," and "No Intel" enter an infinite loading screen if they are started as soon as the game is installed on the console. • FIXED – Ultrawide ratio (32:9) is no longer supported since Y5S3 release. • FIXED – Maps votes are registering if players interact with player profiles through scoreboard when it is open as an overlay. • FIXED – The user's screen may turn blank after the Operator Selection Phase. • FIXED – The low health sound and proximity alarm can be heard repeating multiple times in particular circumstances. • FIXED – Season graphics are not currently optimized for 4K screens. • FIXED – The Skill distribution chart does not appear in the Skill tab of the Ranked info section. • FIXED – In support mode, the weapon reticle and crosshair remains on the drone HUD in the Preparation Phase. • FIXED – Various key binding/control issues on PC and consoles. • FIXED – Several issues present for players in both voice and text chat. • FIXED – Cosmetic and texture issues present with charms, uniforms, headgears, weapons, and attachments. • FIXED – Various caster/spectator HUD improvements and updates. • FIXED – Various Menu UI improvements and fixes, including language on bans. • FIXED – Various UI and store visual issues for items in game. • FIXED – When creating a Custom Game playlist, House is the only map currently available for selection. Several customization settings are also missing. • FIXED – Scoring message is the same for both destroying and disabling a Nitro Cell. • FIXED – Several UI issues present with Operator and item icons in game. • FIXED – Functionality and UI issues present within the Options menu. • FIXED – Currency Packs and Digital Content tabs cannot be accessed in the Store on PS4. • FIXED – Previously equipped customization assets remain equipped in the save file even if the asset isn't owned by the user. • FIXED – Loading icon will be present during the Map Ban Phase until the map is decided. • FIXED – Dead player pings are not replicated in Spectator mode. • FIXED – Partially destroyed barricade obstructs the victory screen for most of the duration. • FIXED – Kill Feed shows a placeholder skull for some operators if they perform kills with their gadget.

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