Real Time Zombie Hoard Mode with Swarm the City

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Publish Date:

2 Jul 2021

I’ve always been curious what I’d do with a hoard of zombies, fortunately Swarm the City may have the answers I’ve been looking for. This indie Real Time Strategy puts you in the shoes of Karr the Great a zombie king who was unearthed by those pesky humans and finding numerous cities inhabited by humans, you need to take them back with your hoard of undead zombies. We don’t have an exact release date for this game yet but they are hoping for Q3 or Q4 this year on PC.

Swarm the City has 20 unique cities to deal with, hosting a whole lot of obstacles to navigate through, from police and soldiers to mechanical robots and turrets, there’s more than enough to keep your brain going. They have even allowed minor alterations to the plague before you disburse it amongst the humans allowing for some game play changing situations to occur. While the graphics and animation are somewhat angular I do find it adds to the unsettling nature of your own zombies and with so many zombies at your command it will just add to the excitement of executing your plan.

Alongside the usual zombie type Seasun Games have also included ten Generals, these add even more depth to your invasion plan including Fire zombies, witch zombies, devour zombies and even a zombie dragon. If that wasn’t enough they’ve included a skill tree to further enhance their abilities and yours in collecting souls and building your army further. While your dealing with your swarm plan the cities your inhabiting will be operating under different social patterns to react to your hoard and stop your plans and If you’re already excited to try this game, there’s a Demo out right now over on Steam.

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