Relic Hunters Zero Gets Free Remix Update On Steam

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

11 Feb 2021

Today Brazilian Developer Rogue Snail and their publisher Akupara Games have released a free re-mix update to their popular title Relic Hunters Zero, which is available to download now for free on Steam. The Re-mix Update comes courtesy of Akupara games who also brought the Relic Hunter Zero and the Re-mix update to Nintendo Switch, where the Re-mix update was a timed exclusive, but is now available on Steam and includes will bring new weapons which have been created by the Relic Hunters modding community, along with new skins, and a new soundtrack (which you can check out above) by Cat Arthur, who has worked on other indie games such as Whispering Willows and Bust' n' Rush.

Relic Hunters Zero first released in 2015 and was the first entry to the community supported franchise, where players take on the role of a Relic hunter as they hunt down ancient relics in a race against time in a manic top-down, twin-stick shooter and roguelike game. But the relic hunters are not the only ones hunting these powerful relics, as the evil Ducan forces and their tough bosses are also searching for them and will do anything in their power to stop you from acquiring them.

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix can be played alone or with a friend in local couch co-op, and includes seven unique characters each with their own stats, special abilities and appearances. You can put each character to the test across several different game modes, including a 12 level adventure mode, a more challenging endless mode with its own unique mechanics and economy and a Storm mode that progressively increases its difficulty and chaos. Relic Hunters Zero: Re-mix is available now and Free on steam, and is also available on Nintendo Switch for £7.55 in a limited time sale.

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