Resident Evil VILLAGE takes terrifying to a new level

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Kyle Smith

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Today we were given our second trailer for the terrifying Resident Evil Village, which gave us an actual look into gameplay. In the showcase we see our protagonist creeping around horrifyingly dark areas, with the sense of death looming. Doors creak and echo as they open into silent rooms. The game gives off a haunting atmosphere as the trailer flicks through each area. Then we are given short snippets of some of the adversaries we will come to face and its here where you see that Capcom has taken stock of its best entries and has infused them into this game. The Village gives of massive Resident Evil 4 Vibes, whilst the atmosphere and sense of dread takes cues from the highly respected first entry. Although, Capcom has taken most of its influence from VII where the enemies are a bigger threat that will chase you throughout your journey.

Once again, we see Chris Redfield, the hero of previous Resident Evil entries, being portrayed as the ‘bad guy’. We hear the protagonist beg and plead with Chris as armed men drag him from out of his home. Then next we find him wandering the Village setting that this title is set in. Although, it is not entirely known if Chris is really an enemy in this game, or if Capcom are taking us for a ride, we cannot wait to get our hands on this and finally find out what secrets are being held from us. Check out the trailer above and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments on our social media pages!

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