Rumours Circulate Suggesting that Microsoft are Developing a Haptics Based Controller

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

6 Jan 2021

Rumours have started to do the round describing Microsoft as potentially creating a new controller, aimed to compete against Sony’s DualSense. The DualSense controller has been one of the driving success factors for Sony’s new PlayStation 5, with fans suggesting that the controller makes the PS5 ‘feel’ next gen. So, on the surface of things it seems highly likely that Xbox would want to follow suit and give their fans this successful and immersing feature too. The rumours actually started as a result of a survey that Microsoft released, asking fans for feedback on their new Xbox systems. Within this survey Microsoft have asked fans about the features on the PlayStation Controller as seen in the image below.

I think strategically, this would be a great move for Microsoft, as from our experience, the DualSense controller does make a huge difference to the immersion of a game. I feel though that Microsoft would need to be incredibly careful in how they implement this solution though. In the past Microsoft have released “better” controllers in the guise of being an “Elite” controller, which usually comes with a hefty price tag (The Elite Controller 2 was a whopping £159.99). If Microsoft were to pull this same strategy with their new controller, then this could come as a bit of a “slap in the face” to fans, as the DualSense controller is the same price as a standard controller at £69.99, making quite the difference between the two options. I believe even if Microsoft improved the technology to create ‘Better’ haptics/adaptives, it just would not be worth the price increase still. I feel like price is the single most important factor for Microsoft to consider here when creating this new tech. If they price it too high, then people who own an Xbox are all going to have different experiences with it. Some people having more immersive experiences, thanks to the new controller and others having the same experience set out today. The DualSense features are not a deal breaker, under any stretch of imagination, the PS5 would be great without the DualSense. But at least everyone who has a PS5, is having a consistent level of immersion no matter what model they buy. I hope that Microsoft, simply replace their standard controller with a new haptics enabled version and look to sell this at the same price as their current standard line controllers today. Although in reality, this is highly likely to not happen, as this would undermine the Elite Controller range.

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