Short and Sweet Indie Dear Mom Is Available Now

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Kyle (Blooicide)

Publish Date:

4 Apr 2021

Dear Mom is a short experience made by Ethos Games, which aims to make its players stop and think about the relationship they have with their loved ones. The game is a 15–30-minute experience, focusing on narrative above all else. This is Ethos Games first dive into the game making genre, and naturally feels that way, but if you look past the cracks, there is a well-sculpted story that does exactly as it plans to.

The game is told through the narrative of a poem, written by a child describing her feelings towards her mother. "...there are things I couldn't say, but there's so much I wish you had known. There are things I never meant but said, being rude, speaking in an arrogant tone. But, time made me realize that black and white isn't always wise and that sometimes, things can be grey..."

Key Features of Dear Mom: -

  • A poetic narration of a letter, written to mom.

  • Focuses more on experience rather than actions and puzzles.

  • A 15-30 minutes immersive emotional experience.

  • An unforgettable lifetime experience.

Dear Mom is not going to be for everyone, as it is a very simple game, which purely puts all of its effort into the story in which it is telling. Also, it doesn’t have the polish we have seen in some of these narrative story sims either. But this doesn’t make Dear Mom a bad game to any extent, you just have to look beyond these factors. Like art, this is a game about perception and how it makes you feel, some people will like it and others won't.

Let us know what you think to Dear Mom, and share your thoughts on our social media channels or by joining our Discord and joining our active community, where we discuss all games alike!

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