Some of the UK Based Places we Utilise to Find Cheap and Free Games

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

4 Jan 2021

As we move into a new generation of gaming, software is becoming more and more expensive. Whether that be in the PC gaming space or Consoles. In this article we wanted to share few links to website that we use to find/obtain games cheapest. Hopefully using some of these websites will save you a little bit of money in the future! - This website is a community page in which people share great deals that they find, and the community rate how good that deal is to help sort the order of how these deals appear. It varies from Fashion & Accessories all the way through to hardware and software. This is usually my first go to place to find great discounts on games and to ultimately find a game at its cheapest price. - PS Prices literally shows all the games on the PlayStation Digital Store that are on discount or have had a price reduction. The nice thing about this website is that it gives a break down of the cost of each game since it releases, to help determine if you are getting the best ‘bang for your buck’. This website does also Xbox and Switch prices too, even with the miss-leading name. – Price runner is a great website that compare key retail outlets for each product, helping you find the cheapest place to buy a game. Unlike Hot UK Deals though, this is not run by a community, and is instead a dedicated website to helping compare key stores. This is always my second go-to place when I want to try and find a particular product for the cheapest, I can possibly get it. – CDKeys is a website that sell games at (normally) a discounted rate for the many different PC gaming platforms. If I cannot find a game on those platforms for a fair price, I will usually look at this website straight after looking across the different platforms. – Humble Bundle is an excellent platform to buy your games on, as a small sum of the money paid goes to a specific charity of the website’s choice. The beauty of Humble is that additionally to buying games, you can buy a bundle of random games for a price of your choice, which a large sum of the money is donated to a specific charity. This is extremely similar to CDkeys, although you help the world out a little with each purchase. – PC Parts Picker is a great place to price up a home built PC and also compare the price of parts/hardware. This tool will help find a specific part of a PC that you require and will look at the cheapest place to get it, if in stock. Although, at first the UI of the website is clunky, bear with it as it is one of the best tools for PC management/upgrading. - Epic Games gives a new game neatly every week, and during big events like the Christmas holidays and new year they will give a new game every day. This is a great option to bag yourself some free games and grow that PC library. Although, don’t expect to get brand new games, usually the games are titles that have been out for a while. – GoG (owned by CD Projekt Red) is a store that sells DRM free version of games. Unlike Epic, GoG doesn’t give games for free every week, although on a regular occasion the platform will usually give a game away. The thing is with GoG is that it specialises on making old games work on modern PC’s/Laptops, and these are most of the time, the games that are given away. So, always have a look on here for those sneaky free give aways.

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